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Why Are Some People So Grumpy?

Why Are Some People So Grumpy? -Andre Hunter on

Do You Have a B.A. in Life?

“If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the mind.” — Plato

Bad Attitudes, Are Reflections of Pain and Sorrow.

Guilt, Shame, Anger, Jealousy, and Depression; are All Guilty Influences, that Can Contribute, to the Process. Not Happy People, Sometimes Express Nasty and Mean Behavior? Ouch!

Nobody Likes, Nasty Mean, Grumpy People! Unfortunately, ‘Boo-boo-ness’, of the Mind; is A Fact of Life? It Is A Sign of Un-Happiness. Bad Attitudes Are Dangerous! They Can Be Contagious? Ironically, B.A.’s Also Hurt Humanity. Ouch!

Bad Attitudes, Are Reflections of Fear, Pain and Sorrow. They Are Simply Re-Actions of Emotional Injuries, that Linger In a State of ‘Boo-boo-ness’, of the Mind. Thus, Being Stressed Out as a Feeling of Helplessness, Un-Worthlessness, Anxiety, or Weakness; is Horrifically Shocking. Being Un-able To Carry-on, Is Frightening? Fear is Normal. Social Injustice is A Fact of Life.

Sometimes, It Takes A Little Courage, to Over Come Natural Adversity. Sometimes, We Need A Little Encouragement! Believe! Faith is Divine. Pray and Trust God! Become One With God through, Jesus Christ. Amen…

Make Change! Love Is The Answer! B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together…

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