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Jesus Tamed My EGO…

“EGO Is Our Greatest Enemy…”

‘’Especially Toxic Ego.”

"The Ego’s Job Is To Kill Everything But Itself"-Byron Katie

Fear, Greed And Egos Are Obstacles. They Are Mere Facts of Life! ‘ Thou Shalt’ and ‘Thou Shalt Not’, are Mysterious Dragons. ‘To Do’ or, ‘Not to Do’? Intent is Your Choice! Feed Them or, Slay Them? Be Careful Which One You Feed! If You Believe, You Will Achieve… For, We Do Manifest Our Own Dragons, as Well as Our Own Destiny.


Timothy Eberly (@timothyeberly) | Unsplash Photo Community

God Is Invincible Love. Fortunately, He Blessed All of Us with the Grace of His Love and the Free-Will to Choose, via Intent. We are All Unique and Special, In Our Own Way! Faith is Divine…

No Two People are Exactly the Same, Just Like No Two Snow Flakes, Are the Same. But Unlike the Snow Flakes, We Humans Are Born with A Special Mission, Here on Earth. We Have the Option to Become One With God’s Love and Thereby, Promote Joy To The World And Peace Here, On Earth!

Nobody is Perfect and Therefor, Imperfections are Also, Mere Facts of Life? But, What If Imperfections, are not a Curse, Abnormal or a Disability! But, Rather Extraordinary Blessings, in Disguise? Some Sort of Divine Intervention, as A Special Gift from God; which is a Mere Test of a Challenge That Propels Our Will, to EXCELL and Carry On… Alas, Go Forth, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.…” Genesis 9.

Blessed is He or She, Whom Overcomes the Adversities / Disabilities! Especially If and When It Promotes and Manifests Peace and Joy To the World… Amen!

Unfortunately, Human Behavior is Suspect, as it is Complicated by Doubt, Ignorance, Greed and Egos? Inadvertently, Mankind Cannot Comprehend, the Mysteriousness of God’s Graces? Not Yet! WTF? Ignorance is No Excuse! Opportunity is Waiting! Intent and Faith are Vital to Salvation. Risks and Rewards, as Karma Dictates Naturally.

Beware of Temptation. Curiosity is Natural But, Faith is the Miraculous Catalyst, that Influences and Thus, Determines Our Destiny; Personified by Our Own Intended Choices! Unfortunately Greed is Subjective and Yet, Relevant to the Process of Spiritual Evolution? Greed Raises The Cost of Living At the Expense of All Life, Including Spiritual Salvation!

Jesus Loves You!

Jesus is Our Hope and Savior...

Hope Inspires Therapeutically


SURPRISE A Message of Hope.

Never Underestimate the Element of Surprise

We All Have Hopes and Dreams!

Ironically Hope, is a Secret Mystery?

It is Actually a Life-Changing Secret When You Realize… The Power of Hope!

Subconsciously, Hope is Therapeutic, Even If It’s Only, Temporally. Sometimes, A Little More Time, Is Just What We Need… Hopes Provides Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind is a Slice of Heaven? It Is Precious! Unfortunately, Temptation Leads Us, Into A Little Taste of Hell?

Curiosity and Confusion are Facts of Life.

Ignorance is an Illusion?

Monkey See, Monkey Do?

Power of Suggestion?

Hypnosis, Mind Over Matter,




Psychic Powers

Universal Laws

Evolutionary Growth of The Minds

“The key to building mental will lies in slowing down and turning your focus to the now”

psychic powers, including precognition (knowing the future) and telepathy (describing things at a remote location). But for sheer impressiveness, it’s hard to beat psychokinesis, the ability to move objects through mind power. The word is derived from the Greek words for “mind” and “motion” and is also called PK or telekinesis.




Spiritual Awareness is a Blessing

Free Will


To Do or Not to DO

Thou Shalt and Thou Shalt Not



Saint or Sinner?

Let Go, Let God!

God Left Us With, A LEGACY of LOVE

HUMANITY is A Divine Ability!

Humanity is Our Legacy of LOVE.

God Allows / Lets Us, By Grand Design to Fulfill His Will — B4HEART

Pass It On.

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Humanity is Our Legacy of LOVE.



The Force is Always With You

Humans are Born With Secret Non-Lethal Weapons

We Must Learn to Utilize Them

Empowerment Is A WOW Factor!

Let Go, Let God Work His Miracles Through YOU!

Some of us Pray to a Certain God.

Ironically, Some Don’t Believe in Any God at All?

Perhaps They Believe In Destiny?


Bad Luck?

It Seems So Superstitious to Me.

We are Born With The Power To Manifest Destiny

Ignorance is Taboo!

Nature and All of it’s Beauty, Is NOT Some Sort of FREAK Accident?

Hell No!

Nature is a Mysteriously Magical Miracle

It is a Master Plan, Designed To Enlighten Via Observation and Experience.

It is Predicated Upon the Facts of Fear or Faith as Well as Good and Evil

Good and Evil are Predicated Upon Choices

Fear and Doubt Destroy Dreams?

Fight or Flight are Choices

They are Matters of Survival

Love Not Hate!

Love is Eternal and Makes the World Go Round.

God is Love

Go For It.


But, You Have to Know What It is That You Want and Why You Want It.

Faith is Divine.

There is ‘Magic in Believing’.

Alas, To Believe is To Achieve and Manifest Destiny.

Wishing, Hoping, and Cheering for Hope Inspires Contemplation, Motivation, Imagination, Dedication, and Anticipation

“Self-manifestation allows you to trust that the universe will provide exactly what you need at exactly the right moment.”

Do You Believe in the GOD PARTICLE?

Watch, Listen And Learn…

Some Thing To Think About?

Open Your Mind.

Open Your HEART and SOUL…

Get Involved

This video is episode one from the series The Higgs Boson and Beyond, presented by Sean Carroll. Learn more about the crazy world of physics at

Everything is Interconnected!

Every Action Has A Reaction.


The Universal Laws?

Hope Does Spring Eternal, as God is Eternal and and Has the Power to Work Through All of Us, Including Nature.

Don’t Mess With Almighty God


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