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OMG The Reckoning...

OMG The Reckoning...

“© by Author”

Unfortunately, Emotional Over-Load is a Fact of Life

As Impulsive Re-Actions, Vary, Accordingly

Alas, Some Are Ignored, And, Or Denied

And Yet, Glory Be, When Mankind Abides

To God’s Nature of Love

As Peace of Mind and Peace On Earth, Walk Hand and Hand — — Together


Arrested Development

“pertaining to development.

developmental disorder

1. developmental disability.

2. a former classification of chronic disorders of mental development with onset in childhood. Such disorders are now classified as mental retardation,

a state of socio-psychological growth in which the victim has ceased to progress socially and intellectually.

Opportunity Is Always Knocking?

But, Unfortunately, Emotional Scars Linger?

Alas, When Force of Condition; is Compromised, by a Feeling of Unworthiness, Some Sense of Guilt and Shame, Activates Self-Denial and Thus, Executes Temptation, Which KILLS Desire and Status Condition, Remains in The Same Condition?

How Many Opportunities Do We Humans Miss Out On, Because of Some Instilled Emotions, That Lingers Deep Down in Our Subconscious Mind?

Human Psyche

“The human psyche usually refers to the conscious and unconscious parts of the human mind or spirit. Contemporary ideas of the psyche have been influenced by the differing theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.”

How Sensitive Is the Human Psyche?

Alas, We Must Be Careful as The Human Mind Is So Fragile and Precious. We Must Tread Slowly, When it Comes to the Human Psyche! Pretend That You Are Walking on Egg Shells, If and When You Teach and Educate Young Children.

The Mind, Is A Terrible Thing To WASTE?

Our Children Learn To Rely On And, Therefore, Trust and Respect We, ‘The Parent’. It Is Mere Human Nature! Imagine, Like Looking Into a Mirror, ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’. Therefore, We Must Be Careful At All Times! Especially, When Joking in Gesture, Because, Your Point Is Made, Loud and Clearly!

Emotional Scars Run Deep and Could Last A Life Time and, Then Some? A Wounded Mind is Very Dangerous and The Side Effects are Devastating.

‘The Three Monkey’s Gesture ‘

“See No Evil”

“Hear No Evil”

“Speak No Evil”

Do No Evil!

Have No FUN?

“© by Author”

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide!

Traditional values are winning every day, and biblical truth is prevailing.

Immaculate Deception — A National Disgrace

Is Human Nature Complicated by Modern Technology…


Immaculate Deception — A National Disgrace

Is Human Nature Complicated by Modern Technology…


Technology is defined as an application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Modern Technology is all about Efficiency and Speed; it is about Ensuring Face-to-Face Communication and Connecting You — — World Wide to Others — — Everywhere! Alas, PROGRESS — www-GoodLuck

Welcome To Modernization! Robocalls, and ‘AI’ Operators, with A Menu, that Circles Back to Every Option Except A Human Being? It Can Be So Annoying ? Both Processes are Despicable. They are Indisputably, Unexcusable? Why Do We Tolerate, Them? PROGRESS?

“TRUTH is akin to COOL as both are REPULSIVE to the UN. But, when Ignorance is — Ignored; Stupidity is — Justified!-” — Robert James Karpie

But, How Does One Define Progress?

Is Bigger or Faster, Always Better? I Think Not! Are We Not Losing Vital Skills, Valuable Knowledge of Know How-To Do Some Things, Things, That We Should Know, and Therefor, Not Take Them For Granted?

Traditions of the Past, Ensured Survival…

Modification is a Good Thing, But; Care and Consideration are Extremely Important!

Tradition is Not Instinct. It Must be Taught! Passed on From Generation to Generation. Knowledge is Power. Interests Vary. Curiosity Lingers! Gratitude is Precious. Times Change But, Survival is Still, Name of the Game. Mankind Must Be Prepared, or at Least Die Trying To Survive. It is Human Nature. ‘To Be or, Not to Be?’ Fear-Full or Fear-Less? Intent, Choice, and Courage are Vital. Lazy-ness is No Excuse? It All Starts in the Mind.

Past, Present and Future Factors, Must be Considered At All Times? And Yes, Times Do Change as Humans Must Adapt. Unfortunately, Modern Technology Makes it So Easy, Too Easy to Become Lazy. Comfort and Convenience are Very Addicting? Perhaps, Maybe it is Time, to Take the Time, to Stop and Smell the Roses? AI and Robots Should be Enough to Make us All, Think? If ‘They’, Provide the Labor, How Will Mankind Make a Living?

What’s Next? How long before Robots and AI is Un-leashed on We the People. To Maintain Order and Control of us Citizens? How Long Before an Army Of AI and Robots, Monitor the New World Order, for ‘The Powers That Be’? It is Time to Get in Involved. Time to Get Back to Nature! Fresh Air and Exercise, while it is Still Free to Enjoy. It is time To Protect Our Country From The Scum at The The Top, of Our government, The Parasites Within, Whom Maintain Power and Control of “We The People”, as They Rob The ‘SYSTEM’ Blind!

Alas, Every thing Is Getting So Expensive?

And, It’s All By Design?

Is it All, Part of the Plan?

Now days, society demands that we have to pay to get a license, for the privilege to hunt, fish and/or drive a car? Some privileges require us to be tested and also, register the equipment involved? It is Expensive and Troubling, and Designed To Keep People in Their Proper Pecking Order.

Perhaps, That is Why it Seems like Hunting and Fishing is Becoming a Lost Art? Some People Laugh at Old Family Traditions / Hobbies and Livelihoods of the Past? They are Considered a waste of time? Shopping at the Super Market is More Practical. But, Many Generations Survived and Thrived, Literally, Because of them. We Should Give Thanks, Recognition, and Praise, to The Traditional Values of The Past. Our Fore-fathers Experienced Blood, Sweat and Tears; over the Years, to Now- Today.

Thank God, They Survived! Fortunately, We are Still Free, To Worship God and Speak Our Peace of Mind and Griefs. But for How Long, I Cannot Say? Ironically, Our Public Educational System, has Become Obsolete? Are Our Teacher’s in America, Getting Lazy? Does the Teacher Unions, Tie Their Hands and Silence Their Concerns. Whom Dictates — What is to Be Taught?

Basic Math Is Now a New Math? Twenty years ago, My Young Grand Child Asked me to figure out a problem using it and it made no sense to me. You talk about Long Division? Using a Computer, Makes It Easy for the Child to Solver Problems and and Justifies an Excuse, as to Why Children, Don’t Need To Know How, to Solve the Problem by Their-self.

It all started with Calculators and Now Computers. Too Many Kids Can’t Add, Substract, Divide, or Multiply as Basic Math is Complicated by some form of Logic? They Force Our Children To Rely on Computers? Brain Power is Subjected To Automation? The Computer Will Solve The Problem.

Ironically, Velcro-Straps, Just Sat for Nearly Fifty Years, in the Popular Mechanics Magazine, Before Realized it’s Value and Mass Produced It. Now Many Children Don’t Know How to Tie a Pair of Shoes? Idle Minds Can Be Dangerous, When They Get Bored. We Must Take The Time, To Foster and Guide Curious Young Minds with Explanations, Reasons, Choices and Free Will. Knowledge is Precious…

Knowledge is Power

It Is Not Obsolete! It Is Still Very Important! It Is Still Practical. Unfortunately, In Many Schools, Our Children Are Not, Taught to Write in Cursive, Anymore? WHY NOT? They Can’t Even Sign There Own Name. I Guess That They Will Have To Print Their Name, Instead of Making an X on the Check Signing Line? Maybe Future Kids Won’t Have to Work? Or is it Just part of the Process of Dumbing Down of America Campaign? ‘Every-Thing for Free’, Is Rumored More and More these Days? Is Everything FREE’? Many Things are Free! But If , You Are an American Citizen, It Is NOT? It Is Getting Very Frustrating as Everything is so Expensive and Taxes are the Only Solution to the Problem?

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America By Neal Fox

Only 57% of Millennials believe the Declaration of Independence better “guarantees freedom and equality” over Communist Manifesto.

70% of Millennials say they are likely to vote socialist.

America use to Cared About It’s Citizens?

But Now America has New Policies? Is This Just Part of The Plan, for a New World Order?

Food For Thought!

The ‘New’ American Dream: Open Borders & Free Everything … Unless You’re a Citizen:

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Stormtroopers from a recent trip to Walt Disney World. Brian McGowan


1914, World War 1. Church wrecked by German shells. Photographer: H. D. Girdwood British Library


Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Lee on Unsplash

Is This Robot On Guard Watching You?

Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash


A New World Order?

Socialism Sucks!

“Truth is Treason In An Empire of Lies”- George Orwell

“© by Author”

Why Do We Tolerate Corruption In Our U.S. Government?

We Have A Duty to Erase Evil!

We Have To Save this Country and this World, For Our Grand Children.

I Do Not Care, If it Is a Evil Democrat or a Evil Republican!

Evil is Evil.

‘Evil Is, What Evil Does’

‘Black Mail” is an Evil Tool which Maintains Power and Control?

It is Utilized as a Threat

They Will Release, Skeletons in the Closet

If You don’t Submit to their Will?

Oh, My?

“© by Author”

We are Born into this Life, to Make A Difference in This World!

Eventually, we all have to, Surrender to DEATH!

Life is A Test!

It is a Test Of Faith!

We Live and LEARN

Forgiveness is Divine

God is LOVE…

Hopefully, we can Forgive Ourselves and Each other, for all the Mistakes, Misdeeds, Transgression and Trespasses.

Peace of Mind is Vital to Peace on Earth!

We Have A Choice in Life, as We Can Chose to Live Good or Evil…

‘Little gods’, Or ‘Little Devils’.

We Can Work Through God and Do Good Things Through Love!

Or We Can Do Evil Things, By Disrespecting Gods Law of Love?

Beware of Temptation and Tame Your Ego!

Choose LOVE and B4HEART…

“© by Author”

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