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God Is Love

God Is Love

And, The Power of His LOVE Is So GREAT,

That It Is Inconceivable to Mankind!

But, The Glory of God’s Love,

Is The Defining Moment…

It is When; We Realize and Comprehend:

ANTICIPATION… The Glory of God…

“Believe In Thee”... (Add Song Here)

God is Love!

Love is Truth.

And Ultimately, this Trinity — Combined,

Is the Way to Peace and Happiness…


Unfortunately Until Then, All of Us, are Still Naive?

Alas, “TRUTH is akin to COOL as both are REPULSIVE to the UN. But, when Ignorance is — Ignored; Stupidity is — Justified!-”

Thus, We Are Unpredictable, Despicable and Subjected to Transgressions as Conformed Ignorance?

Addicted to Logic? It is Time To Change The System!

B4HEART — - Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

According to Certain Ancient Mystical Esoteric Beliefs, Reincarnation is a Reality. The Legends State that We Humans, Do Have Free Will and the Choice to Reincarnate into A New Life, if We Choose to Do So After We Died. ( Some of these stories, state that even the Bible, used to refer to reincarnation?)

Supposedly, when we die, we are confused and afraid that we left things undone? We Didn’t do what we, set out to do? Perhaps we were Ashamed with Guilt and Regrets? We F — ed Up!

Counseled and Guided, We Devise a Predetermined Plan of Action for our ‘New Life’! We get to Choose our Parents and Other Peoples, from our past lives, to make Aments and Try to Rectify Past Ills / Errors of Guilt and Shame. Some sort of ‘Karmatic Retribution, so to Speak?

Guided by Source-Energy, Humans are Pre-Programmed and Predestined by our Own Free-Will, as a Choice Mission, To be Enlightened, accordingly by God’s Designed Divine Laws of Nature per Intent and Our Actions with God, as Experience Manifests Our Destiny.

Alas, In the Field of Life, We Humans are All Subjected, to Experience Vast Multitudes of Various Multi-Cons; as Well as Multi-Dimensions. Ironically, Life as we know it, is a Mystery? But Historically, these Transgressions, Still continue to Interfere and Trespass as Temptation Entices our Curiosity

Faith is Vital to Salvation… Alas, “lead us not into Temptation, But Deliver us From Evil.” Amen!

Suffice to say; Memories, Gratitude, Joy, Regrets, Guilt, and Shame; can be an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride of Highs and Lows. Joy, Pain, Grief, and Sorrows. Spiritual Confusion? Lost Souls? Born Again?

Blessed With Karma, All of our Deeds are Calculated and Stored within, Deep in our Soul. We Learn from Experience! All of the Grief, Pain and Sorrow. Joy, Pleasure and Compassion. Hopes and Dreams, are All Pervious to Imagination; as Our Spiritual Debt is the Retribution, which ain’t Prejudice But is Inherited by We The Saints and Sinners in Search of Salvation!

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