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The Clinton Chronicles - POWERHOUSE DOCUMENTARY About The Clintons

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If You Think BILL Clinton is bad, you've only heard HALF the story! This POWERHOUSE DOCUMENTARY (actually, TWO documentaries) will 'Release The Kraken' on the Clintons, leveling them with the hard-hitting FACTS that are still in dispute today - but only disputed by the Fake News Complicit Media who has worked hand in glove with the #Clintons to LIE to the American People about the TRUTH! WE START THIS EPIC JOURNEY back in 1993 with the #ClintonChronicles. In Part One of this BLOCKBUSTER FILM, we take a trip back to a time when William Jefferson Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States. At the time, most Americans were not aware of the extent of Clinton's Criminal background, nor were they aware of the media blackout which kept this information from the public. As State Attorney General and later, Governor, Bill Clinton in twelve years achieved absolute control over the political, legal, and financial systems of Arkansas. As President, he would attempt to do the same with the nation by bringing members of his inner circle with him to Washington. The hijacking of America was underway, and its' impact on future generations would be incalculable.



In Part Two (an Alex Jones film entitled The Clinton Chronicles 2 - the subsequent updating of the first film, The Clinton Chronicles), we go, once again, behind the scenes with a REAL CLINTON OPERATIVE, where he SPILLS HIS GUTS to the whole world about the TRUE NATURE of Bill and Hillary Clinton - AND YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO LEARN, SO GRAB A BOAT-LOAD OF POPCORN FOR THIS ONE, PATRIOTS! Join me, Pastor James of #JamesRedPillsAmerica, for this journey into Wonderland, down one of the deepest #RabbitHoles known to mankind! ------------- URGENT! DO NOT LOSE TOUCH WITH ME! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY BACKUP CHANNEL BEFORE YT REMOVES MY CHANNEL! The Uncensored Truth - The Whole Armor of God - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOGTALKRADIO ACCT! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY BITCHUTE VIDEO ACCT! - BOOKMARK MY WEBSITE!

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