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God Ain’t Abstract…

God Ain’t Abstract…

Don’t Alienate Yourself, From God, In Disbelief.

Ego’s Pride is The Culprit, That Keeps Estranged Relationships

God Did Not Abandon You. God is Not Your Enemy.

Don’t Be Stupid as Ignorance is Evil

Co-Create — Generosity, Imagination and Thoughtfulness…

God’s Truth Will Set US Free, by The Grace of Love. His Divine Powers and Laws for Peace, Shall Prevail, With Out Any Doubt… Amen!

We are so small compared to the inconceivably vast universe. When looking into the milky way you wonder what else is out there. The universe we live in is incredible Benjamin Davies

God is Every-Where…

He Hides in Plain Sight

He Is The Alpha And The Omega

He Shines Down, Upon Us, As the Sun, From Up Above

The Beauty Of Nature, Is A Testament To His Glory, Awh, And Wonders of Existence.

Alas, The Moon, Planets And Stars in the Sky,

Are Magically Amazing.

They Are Enough, To Make You Observe, and Wonder Why?

Blessed Is He Whom, Tunes Into The Infinite

But Unfortunately, Thanks To Human Nature,

We Humans Tend To Fear The Un-Known?

Curiosity Is A Gift From God!

Curiosity and Confusion are Facts of Life.

Humanity is Our Legacy of LOVE.

You Get What, You Give…

Intent Is Vital To PEACE On Earth

“Love Thy Neighbor!”

God’s Laws Maintain, Justice And Order…

By The Grace Of God’s Love, We Shall Overcome Evil…

Alas, “If we love one another God dwelleth in us, and His love is perfected in us.”

“© by Author”
“© by Author”

“TRUTH is akin to COOL as both are REPULSIVE to the UN. But, when Ignorance is — Ignored; Stupidity is — Justified!-”

— Robert James Karpie

Every Cause has an Effect. Intent and Belief are Beyond Imagination, as All Factors, are Calculated as Vibrations, into the Manifestation. Ironically, We Human Are Too Naive, to Comprehend? Thus, We Get What We Deserve!

Organized Chaos is Diabolical to Humanity. Unfortunately, It is Getting Out of Control? Alas Be Aware, Armageddon- the Site or Time of a Final and Conclusive Battle Between the Forces of Good and Evil , Lurk — — Upon Us?

“© by Author”

Thanks to the Miracle of Birth, We are Exposed to air, matter, weather, water, gravity, greed, time or space. Ironically, Life has been defined as — -; ‘the sum of the forces which resist death’. Instinctively, we spit into the wind — — so to speak; only; it Boomerangs Back — — until it wakes us up as fire is not the only element that burns.

For Life itself is a Meticulous Event, an Element of Surprise, one — — Big Consequence as man is both witness to and victim of Behavior, a Casualty of Ignorance and Alienation from his True Self, God and Each Other. But, ‘to err is human…’ as Destiny favors Preparation and Will — — Understanding.

Ironically, we are Awed by Life’s Breath Taking Beauty and yet, Alarmed by the incomprehensible Relevance of Death as Survival is but a responsible effort which man is mysteriously obligated to oblige since we Fear the Un-Known! Ultimately, it is but a Lack of Faith as we Betray either God, self or each other in the Process.

Unfortunately, we contribute to our own demise as mere creatures of choice, with different personalities and peculiarities in a World pervaded by Logic as — — prejudice, discrimination and ignorance; which are as complex as is the intricate design of creation itself. Thus, man is segregated and regulated because of and by — — Denial; per toleration as tradition, routine, ideology, indoctrination, and standard procedure.

When is enough, Enough? Too Much? Organized Chaos? Blessed is he whom considers the Source and the sources. Is Life not a Precious Gift? Where are we headed? Suffice to say, our World in engulfed in Duality — — both Crimes and Miracles as Pain is but an Absence of Pleasure and Sorrow — — the Absence of Joy. Thus, beauty, values and priorities as well as authority are in the eye of the beholder; since man is the center of his own authorized attention as comprehension and motis opprendi are of personal presence of mind.

Welcome to Earth, a Material World of Matter, which CoExists with a Metaphysical World of Ideas as Greed is Prevailing. Historically, so many manage to complain about secular insignificance and bewail over irretrievable missed fortunes; while the vulnerable silently and courageously assimilate with their grave Traumatic Reality of the Enormous Divide and Die. For what good is it to bitch and complain when wealth and privilege are deaf and blind? It doesn’t seem fair, does it? Guilt and Shame? But maybe, perhaps God answered their Prayers. Perhaps Silence is Golden. What if they Prayed — — Give me Enlightenment or, give me Death?

How many of us die Spiritually as we Live in Denial, which neglects, avoids or deprives Humanity?


It Justifies Stupidity!

The Parasites, Thrive Off of The System From With-IN

They Make , Break and Change Laws

It Maintains Power and Control…


FEAR NOT! God’s System is Flawless…

Open Your Mind! Clear Any Negative Thoughts!

Think Positive Thoughts… ‘Positive thinking, or an optimistic attitude, is the practice of focusing on the good in any given situation. It can have a big impact on your physical and mental health.’

‘Negative thinking is a thought process where people tend to find the worst in everything, or reduce their expectations by considering the worst possible scenarios.’ Negative Thinking Leads to Doubt And Doubt Will Surely kill Your Dream?

Trust Your Conscience and Intuition to be Your Guide.

Open Your HEART… Think About The Love of Jesus.

Let Go Of Your Ego, and Let God, Work Through You…

Faith and Trust are Sacred

They are the Keys to Inner Peace!

The Essence of Faith is that, God will Keep his Promise…

Hope, Faith, Trust, Respect, and Loyalty are Divine. They Ensure the Beauty, Peace, and Comfort of God’s Divine Love and His Promise of Eternal Life. God Will Keep His Promise and We Shall Over Come Evil and Death. But, We Must Choose To Be, One With God. That’s The Glory Of LOVE.

LIFE is But a Process, in an Imaginary World of Hopes and Dreams… BELIEVE It Or Don’t, It’s Up To You. You Control Your Own Destiny! INTENT is Your Free Will, In Action as Cognition. Imagination is Magical, as it Empowers Your Free Will, to Manifest Destiny…

FEAR, NOT! You Are Not Alone. Let Go of Ego! Pride is Vain. You Are in Control as Choice by Intent, Via the Grace of God: You Are Not Alone As The Grace of God is Always With You!

You Can Manifest Desire, Via A Process of Faith as Evolution , Or Destroy It, as an Apocalypse as Self-Destruction. Unfortunately, Too Many People, Don’t Dare to Dream? But, You Must Dare, To Care Enough, About Your Desire. Don’t Be Care-Less. Don’t Be Scared, You Must Dare, To Dream Big?

Unfortunately, Too Many Give Up? They Think That A Wish, is an Illusion? They Believe that Hope and Dreams are Foolish? That, They are Suspect?

But Hope Is an Act of Faith, BELIEVE! Unfortunately Doubt, Can Become Reality! Doubt is the Dream Slayer! Don’t Slay Your Dream, Before It Becomes Reality! Don’t Send You Dream to The Abyss of Broken Dreams? Don’t Destroy Destiny.

To Do or Not To Do? Don’t Be Sick In the Head. Weird is The New Normal? Laziness is an Abuse of Self-Control. It Betrays Will Power? Mental Abuse, Is Insanity. Blame Is Self-Soothing as Excuses, Pacify Stupidity. Don’t Get STUCK, on Stupid?

EXCUSES. If Only I? I Should Of? I Would Of? I Could Of? Admit It, You F-ked Up Now What? 911? Alas… Winners Never Quit… Quitters Never Win… Rejoice and Celebrate…

Revelation! “‘Divine Guidance, Purpose to Humanity’…” Revelation! Wake UP…… Trust The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Humanity is Our Legacy of LOVE. Amen…

Spiritual Awareness is a Blessing

God Allows / Lets Us, By Grand Design to Fulfill His Will — B4HEART

Don’t Under-Estimate The Divine Relevance of God!

Pass It On.

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

“© by Author”

Jesus is Our Hope and Savior…

Glory Be, When Humanity is the Personification of Love as The Spirt of God…

Let Go Of Ego And Trust God’s Way!

Thrive With God!

Get Involved… Co-Create:

Hope, Faith, Trust, Respect, and Loyalty are Divine

Generosity, Imagination and Thoughtfulness

Manifest The Beauty and Comfort of God’s Nature, Divine Love

En route To “Exceeding Great and Precious Promises”…

“Peace in this this World, and Eternal Life in the World to Come”

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