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“Let the dead have the immortality of fame, but the living the immortality of love.”

 Rabindranath Tagore

Throughout History, All of Our Lives, and Deaths, are Predestined and Determined by Our Previous Past Acts, that were Executed by Our Choices, in Our Last Carnation. Alas, Experience Has a Price! Humanity is God’s Legacy of LOVE. ‘Thou Shalt’ and ‘Thou, Shalt Not’, Have Consequences. ‘To Be’ or ‘Not To Be?’ Saint or Sinner? Free Will, Cause and Effect. Obligations and Responsibilities. Beware, ‘Karmic Retribution’, is the principle of cause and effect. It is often said that what goes around, comes around. This means that if someone does something bad, they will eventually get punished for it.”

Interventionally, We are All Immortal Souls, Pure Energy, Whom Chose to Be Reborn, as Reincarnated Experienced Entities Again; Into this Theater of Time. And, As Usual, All of Our Actions, and In-Actions, this Time Around, Will Be Chalked-Up and Calculated Again. Ironically, Indiscretions Set the Pace. Status and Stuff, Seem to Impress Others? Jealousy Lingers as Greed Becomes Contagious, Because Emotions, Dictate Human Behavior?

“To Error Is Human!” Mistakes are Stumbling Blocks. But Sometimes, Human Behavior Can Be Dangerous? Unfortunately, Some How, The ‘Human Race’, Morphed into the ‘Rat Race’. Alas, Integrity is a Lost Art? Wake Up! In-Humanity Breeds Chaos. “The Truth Will Set You Free!”

We Live and Learn. “Science tells us, Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Its a scientific theory many choose to believe. Albert Einstein believed that every thing is energy. He dared to say that matter is a form of energy whose vibrations have been lowered into perceptible human senses; but truly there is no matter.” Thus, Energy Transforms as it can only be changed from one form to another.…”

Alas, We Rebirth, Learn and Die Again! Progress is Subjected to Free Will, As Karma, Dictates Destiny. Life, Death and Rebirth, Repeat Again and Again? Until? Salvation? Ironically, The Process of Evolution, Can Be Painful. Faith, Prayer, Patience, Passion and Perseverance Can Manifest Miracles. BELIEVE!

God is Not a Hard Study. God is Transparent. God is Love! Unfortunately, Logic has Complicated, The Word of God. You Can Ignore God, But, You Cannot Hide From or Reinvent Him; to Please Your Ego! The Glory of God is a Defining Moment… Jesus Christ is God’s Gift as a Miraculous Blessing to Mankind! Jesus Is the Way to Salvation.

Shock, Dismay, Grief, Guilt and Shame are Mere Obstacles. They are All Facts of the Evolutionary Process. Forgiveness is Sacred. Forgive Yourself as Well as Others. God is Love! Love Heals All Pain. Care, Concern, Empathy, Service and Sacrifices are Divine. Hope is Precious! Everything is Connected. All Actions are Calculated into the Equation. Everything Matters as All Life is Precious. Think Before You Act! Sometimes, You Can’t Un-Do; What Has Been Done! Love and Relationships Sustain Life.

Experience is Our Teacher. Mistakes are Normal. Sins and Temptations; Inspire Curiosity by Design. Systematically, Humans are Pathetic and Ignorant. Truth is Akin to Cool, as Both are Repulsive, to the Un. But when Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is Justified. Fear, Pain and Desire are Egotistical Illusions. Ego is Mysterious. We Must Learn To Tame Our Ego! Truth Be Told, Greed and Corruption Betray Humanity. Courage, Confession and Forgiveness, are Blessings, that Ensure Salvation, Per Jesus Christ. Amen! Ingrates are A Disgrace to Humanity. Vanity is Repulsive to God.

Reincarnation Maintains, the Process that Governs the Circle of Life and Death. Karma is the Universal Law that Keeps Track of Choices. Care, Concern and Consideration are Vital to Humanity, Joy and World Peace. Mercy Is a Blessing. Faith and Forgiveness are Paramount to Salvation... God Is Love…. Believe! B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together.

I Believe in ‘Jesus Power’…

Jesus Loves You!

Jesus Tamed My EGO…

God Left Us With, A LEGACY of LOVE

HUMANITY is A Divine Ability!

Humanity is Our Legacy of LOVE.

God Allows / Lets Us, By Grand Design to Fulfill His Will — B4HEART

Let Go And Let God Work Through Your Actions.

Become One With God!


Pass It On.

We Must Fulfill God’s Vision, Here on Earth!

Don’t Mess With Almighty God


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