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Thank You Veterans... Thank You for Your Service...

Posted by Robert KARPIE on

Thank You Veterans Freedom Is Not Free... Semper Fi... I want to Thank All Veterans for their Service To America. God Bless All of You! Freedom is Not FREE! 

'Freedom Is Not FREE'. God Bless America. God Bless our Veterans! 

WAKE Up AMERICA! Check Out My Message To America!

“The Truth Will Set US FREE!”

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”


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My Message To America...

Mankind is blessed with 'reason' and 'free-will' but, we have to start Trusting in God, again. America is Out of Control and Divided as Society; 'We The People', are Shocked--- in Disgust. Our government is Facing a Constitutional Crisis. Organized Chaos. We Just had three Years of Investigations and Trump was the victim of a Coup Attempt, a political witch hunt. George Soros, Antifa and Fake News are reeking havoc across the USA? Democrats are trying to Impeach POTUS? I can't wait to see the results of the investigation of the Investigators. Talk about TREASON? 

What happened to our Rule of Law? Double Standards are a Reality. It appears that Certain Somebodies are in Fact Above the Law as Power, Money, and Control--- Buys Special Privileges. But, It Has to STOP! It is Time to get to the Bottom of this Illegal, Unconstitutional Seizure of Power by the Established Corrupt Elite Deep State; that have robbing this country for decades. 'Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely'.

It has been rumored throughout US History that The CIA plays a major role in the over-throw; of certain governments and the false-flag incidents that led to wars; in name of the 'War-Machine'. But now, we are actually witnessing it first handed.The CIA is in cahoots with Top Level FBI Bosses, Corrupt Politicians, the Deep State and God knows who else is involved--- in this Revolutionary Attempt to Undermine the 2016 Election? They will continue to do what-ever it takes to Cover-up this Historical Disgrace.

Congress is Insane; Secret Hearings? What Happened to Due Process? This is a continuous calculated coup orchestrated by Dictator Adam Schiff--- utilizing; 'Hitler' like Tactics? Corruption has Infected our System of Justice. Fake news is Fanning the Flames of Dissent? People are Obsessed with--- rage, anger and jealousy. Ignorance and Confusion Dictate? Everybody is Pointing Fingers. Blame Shifts Daily as the Rats Scurry to Cover their Own Ass. Socialism is Knocking at the Door? Some are Preparing for Riots. Is a Civil War Pending? Suicides, Shootings and Drug Over-doses are Destroying Families?  God Help us!

God is Love. We Have to Teach our Children about God, good versus evil,  the Power of Prayer, about Sharing and Caring, Guilt, Shame and the Power of Forgiveness. Feelings Do Matter. Emotions Run Deep as Intuition lingers, waiting, anticipating; since the Heart knows Right from Wrong. It's Nice To Be Nice. A Special Joy appears when you Help Somebody. Choose Wisely. Greed is Ugly. Temptation? Options? Desperation? Anger, Envy, Jealousy?                

Ego is Stubborn. Reason and Free Will--- Must Decide? Starvation is Not Prejudice. Survival is Vital. Humans are Curious Creatures. Unfortunately, Most Fear the Unknown? Enthusiasm is wary, when People are Insecure and Lack Confidence.They are Afraid of Failing. They make up Excuses, Lies and Alibis.Sometimes it is Hard to Grow Up and Face Life. Sometimes the Truth Hurts.

Children are Our Future. They Are GIFTS from GOD, Little Miracles ;works in progress as we are Co-Creators. Love Them, Hug Them, Praise Them. Correct their Mistakes and Explain why; What they Done Wrong. Show them that You Care as Concern and Understanding are Paramount. Be Their Friend As Well As Their Parent. Teach them to be Honest and Polite, Explain the Value of Please,Thank You and Self-Respect / Dignity. Establish a Bond of Mutual Trust and Respect.

Sometimes Kids just Need Someone to Talk to or a Shoulder to Cry on. Warn them about Peer Pressure, Bullies, Gangs, the Internet and Social Media. Talk About Drugs and Alcohol. Ask Questions. Communication is Key.

Teach them How to Fight, Self Defense. Explain about the Birds and the Bees--- Nature. Let them Grow up, Encourage Singing, Laughing, Dancing. Play Music, joke Around, Play Games, Sports. Let them have Fun but Teach them Responsibility and Consequences; Daily Chores and the Value of Work-Ethics, so they can Support them selves. Teach them about Eye-contact, to Look People Square in the Eyes, Smile and How to Offer a Firm Hand Shake."And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." --- (1 Corinthians 13:13)  

Basic Morals, Rights and Responsibilities should also be Taught at Home as We the Parents, set Examples. Attitude, Attention and Awareness Manifest Perspective. Never Underestimate the Power of Faith! 'Seek and You Will Find', 'Ask and You Will Receive', 'Knock and The Door Will Open'. Faith, Courage, Persistence, Practice, Patience and a Little Luck are Magical. Dreams Can Come True. Dream BIG! BELIEVE! Destiny waits our Command. Co-Creators! Miracles Happen Daily...

'If You Believe You Can Do IT; You Will Do It'. Thoughts are Seeds; that Grow into Ideas--- From Imagination to Manifestation! 'If You Believe You Can't Do It; You Won't Do It'. Doubt KILLS DREAMS. But, Never Give Up!

Have FAITH. It Ignites Confidence and Enthusiasm! There is always Hope. When 'Shit Happens'; Learn From It. Breathe, Relax, Reflect and Pray. Tomorrow is another day. Meditation will Relax the Troubled Soul. Breathe, Concentrate on your Breath, Affirmations, Visualizations, Breathe / Energy / Life-Force---'CHI'.  Try Again! Practice, Patience. And Then, when 'GRACE Happens'; Thank God and Enjoy the Miracle. 

We Have to Teach Our Kids about American History; both the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Hopefully they will realize that America is a Precious Nation, which offers Opportunities Galore. Potential Awaits All. They must Learn the Values of Trust and Respect, so they can be Proud to Be an American. Grateful to be Alive--- Here in the U.S.A. United We Stand. Divided We Can Fail. 'Made in America', use to have Special Value. Lets Make America Great Again! MAGA! God Bless President Trump! Vote for Trump in 2020. Socialism will Destroy America. Socialism Sucks!

Traditions have Value. There is a Time for Thanks and Reasons for Sorrow. Praise and Show Respect and Gratitude for All Our Veterans; because Freedom is Not FREE. Many Americans died as they Sacrificed Their Life--- Fighting for Our Basic Rights and Freedoms as well as Human Rights. Unfortunately, we take them All for Granted. But, the U.S. Flag is more that just a Status Symbol. It should Remind us All about our American History. Many Police Make History Daily as they are Killed on Duty because Laws must be Enforced. They too are Heroes and Deserve Honor and Respect, as do our Fire-fighters, Boarder Patrol Agents, ICE and All other Law Enforcement Officials. God Bless All of Them and Their Families; whom have to deal with their Grave Loss.

By the Grace of God, Kids must be Willing to Learn--- Reading, Writing and Mathematics; as Education is the Key to Success. We should Praise and Encourage a Positive Attitude and Make Learning a Fun Experience. Laughter is a Memorable Recall. Failing, Practice and Patience are all part of the Experience; for both the Teacher as well as the Student. Never give up! Quitters Never Win, Winners Never Quit. Trade Schools are just as Good as Collage. Competition is Good. Winning is Better. if you are  Proud of Your Job, it Won't Feel like Work as You Love what You Do. Rock On... God Bless America. Home of the FREE because of The BRAVE! In God We TRUST. Amen.

Semper Fi...

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