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Intent — Purpose

Intent — Purpose

“purpose; design; intention”

Matt Collamer on

What Is Your Purpose In Life?

What Do You, Intend To Do, About It?




Choices per Free Will…

Alas, Intent Requires, Effort!

‘To Be’, or ‘Not To Be’?

Saint or Sinner?

‘Thou Shalt’ and ‘Thou Shalt Not’

Divine Laws…

“a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration”


We Are Responsible, For Our Actions!

We Are Also Responsible For, Our In-Actions!



Forgiveness is Paramount…

Loving, Sharing, Caring and Kindness are Divine Acts of Faith!

Poverty Is Alarming???

Are We Our Brothers, Keepers???

In The Name Of Humanity, Moral Order?

Patience May Involve Perseverance, Until We Get It Done!

Homelessness Is An International Disgrace?

God Is Love…

Become One With God, In The Spirit of Love…

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

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