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Virtual Prisoners of Our Own Mind?

Get Enlightened… Wake Up!

“TRUTH is akin to COOL as both are REPULSIVE to the UN.

But, when Ignorance is — Ignored; Stupidity is — Justified!-” — Robert James Karpie

No! We are Not Virtual Prisoners of Our Own Mind. In Actuality, We are FREE Spirits! We are Blessed with Free Will, Immortality and Eternal Life. When Influenced By The Holy Spirit, We Can Move Mountains! Believe…Become One With Almighty God! Faith is Divine…

Evolution, is a Process of Eliminating Bad Habits and Avoiding Temptations. Enlightenment Awaits All. Go For It. Amen!

It Is Our Mission To Bring Peace ON Earth!

Become One With God

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together! Make America Great Again!

MAGA, Vote Trump in 2024…

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“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all “— John F. Kennedy

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