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The Dark Night of The Soul...

The Dark Night of The Soul...

Soul Searching?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Wake Up!

Be Prepared

Life Entails Endless Possibilities / Probabilities…

Unfortunately, Humans Tend To Fear The Unknown? Curiosity is the Desire to Learn. Jump In and Get Your Feet Wet: Enjoy The Ride! Attitude, Attention And Awareness, Are Vital…


Faith and Trust Are Divine Gifts! God Is The Alpha And The Omega. Therefore, We Are All Connected To God. Nature Is The Perfect Example. Life Has Continued, On and On, And Still, Until Mankind; Messed With Perfection? But, ‘The Circle of Life‘, Endures as It Has, for Millions of Years.… Nature Adjusts, Per Natural Laws, as Change Is Inevitable? Unfortunately, Extinction is Part of the Process?


Don’t Get Paranoid…


Death Is Your Divine Guarantee…

Has Your Gratitude & Faith Been, Rendered Helpless?

Did Fulfillment and Purpose Vanish?

Systematically, We Are All Subjected To Power and Control?

Alas, If Your Life, Feels Like It’s In A State, of Hopelessness, or Perhaps Devastation, Approached and Fucked-Up, Your Sense of Reality?

Don’t Panic!

Enlightenment is Knocking at Your Door!

Welcome To Your Dark Night of The Soul

It All Begins In The Mind And Ends in the Mind.

Misery Is A State of Mind. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Joy To The World… Amen!

‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste’ — — slogan of the United Negro College Fund since 1972.


Bravo, Bravo!

But Unfortunately, ‘Intentional Stupidity’, Thrives as it is Instilled by the ‘powers that be’, as Evil Propaganda, which is used to Maintain Power And Control In Our Society? God Help Us! Shame On Our Public School System and Shame, On Our College Professors…

It Should Be Enough To Make You Think Twice: Ironically, I Was listening to the radio in my Truck Yesterday, and I was Dumbfounded by Story that I Heard: According to a World-Wide Study by ‘So Called Experts’, “One in Eight People on Earth, have some sort of Mental-Health-Issue / Disorders — Psychological Illness?”

WTF? Crisis Mode? That is An Astonishing Toxic Recipe, A Disaster Waiting to Happen? When Factored In, It Amounts To, About One Billion Walking Time Bombs! These People, Need Access To Social Connections, and Emotional Support, From Family, Friends, Doctors, And Professionals, Not to Mention The Medication!

Are You A Lost Soul, Plagued by Trials, Temptations and Abandonment? Do You Feel Crushed and Cursed With A Feeling of Dread, Doubt and Chaos? Hopelessly Giving Up On All You Dreams?

I Didn’t Deserve This?

Who or What is Winning?

Whom Is Keeping Track?

Unfortunately, It All, Seems So Senseless? Especially as Life is Complicated by Death? But, Is It A Privilege, to Die? Is Death Some Sort of Reward And / Or Punishment? Heaven And Hell? Second Chances? Reincarnation? Anti-Christ? Mercy Me? Don’t be Afraid To Cry! Don’t Be Afraid To Laugh At Your Self! It Is All, So Mysterious?

Smile, Breathe, Relax.

Systematically, Depression, Guilt And Shame Are Warning Signs… There’re Blessings, In Disguise, Quite Frankly, All Blessings, Are Plagued With Some Burdens, as Responsibilities Care and Concern Are Precious. Empathy Is Priceless Happiness Is a State of Mind Peace Is Within But, Is Responsibility A Burden? Or Is It Our Duty, To God, Self, and Each Other?

Do You Believe In Magic? Miracles? Is God A Matter of, Wishful Thinking? Spiritual Masturbation? WTF! Talk, About A ‘Kill-Joy’? God Works In Mysterious Ways! We Are Blessed To Think for Ourselves!

Ironically, Our Human Element, Is Never Painless! Extremely Difficult and Painful Periods Are, Mere Facts of Life. When We Are Faced, With Life-Threatening Illness; Panic Sets In? Emotions Run Wild, As Humans Are Sensitively Concerned About Self? Survival Is Instinctually Instilled, In Mankind.

Alas, To Be, Or Not To Be?

Freedom Entails Responsibility! Choices Dictate Intent. Fight or Flight? Reason, Free Will, Intent, Courage, and Curiosity are Divine Gifts Good Verses Evil? Good Vibrations Instill Confidence. Arrogance Is Self Righteous Stupidity.


Let Go of Ego and Trust God

Become One With God.

Manifest Good Deeds As Miracles Through The Love of God! Amen!

Faith Is A Miracle.

It Renders The Unintelligible, Comprehensible.

Jesus is Our Hope and Savior…

Jesus Loves You

God Is Invincible Love

Trust and Respect God’s Law of Love.

Trust In Jesus Christ, The Son of God.

We Are All, Spiritual Souls, Searching In this Material World.

The Truth Will Set You Free!

Love is The Answer.

God Is Love

We Must Manifest His Legacy of Love!

B4HEART- Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Everything Just Flows in The Glory of God Naturally. Be Grateful, Trust God, as the Universe, Trusts His Nature. God is the Alpha and the Omega! Glory Be, When We Humans, Trust in God’s Nature. God Is Not Complicated. Simply Put, God is LOVE!


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