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About Us

Family Friendly Site is owned by B4HEART Publishing. The Products that we sell are geared to be an Inspiration of Hope in the Name of Humanity! Wake Up! It is Time To Make America GREAT Again! Our GOAL is to Enlighten Hearts and Minds in Pursuit of World Peace. Our Aim is to Dynamically Wake— People Up via Insight as a Spiritual Revolution; and Inspire Mankind to Focus and Participate for the Betterment and Benefit of All, as Peace and Mutual Understanding are Vital to this Cause. 

Conclusively, our Store is a Platform, a Resource for INTENT— Dedicated to Bringing about Conscious Awareness as Compassionate Change; Hope, GoodWill and Fulfillment— Worldwide, Here on Mother Earth, via B4HEART... God Bless You. Don't Forget To Count Your Blessings. And, Be Thankful of Your Friends and Family as Well as Your Health. We Have to Teach & Enlighten Our Children... They are the Future of America.

“TRUTH is akin to COOL as both are REPULSIVE to the UN.

But, when Ignorance is — Ignored; Stupidity is — Justified!-” — Robert James Karpie

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We are Dedicated to Peace Pilgrim. Our Goal is to Spread her words of Wisdom: in the Name of World Peace: Take a look.