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Oouey & Olga AKA 'The Love Worms'

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”—-Michael Ellner


“Overcome evil with Good, falsehood with Truth, and hatred with Love.” —Peace Pilgrim

New book - ‘Surprise’, reveals God’s Little Secret - If a serpent was responsible for the ‘Fall of Man’; then a worm, Oouey, could surely ‘Enlighten’ mankind. Oouey is a Simple Worm with a Simple Plan - LOVE. He wants to Save the World via B4HEART - Humanity Envisioned And Realized. Never underestimate the element of ‘Surprise'. As Legend has It, , it all started way, way back in the so-called ‘Garden of Eden,’ with Adam and Eve; whom Oouey's Greatest Granddaddy, Ebenezer Worm (whose name implies Divine Help or Deliverance) tried but failed to warn and enlighten. For he attempted to prevent and later conquer evil as he stuck his neck out of ‘The Apple’ and shouted: “Excuse me, Madame,” just before the ‘Original Sin’ or first bite. But, Eve was so intoxicatingly engrossed, so enthused and relished in the process that she didn’t notice or see him, and she almost bit Ebenezer’s head off. In fact, Grampa Gooey was too slow, and he lost his tail in the inevitable act. Thus, 'Curiosity' is the ‘Original Sin’ that led to the 'Logical Fall of Mankind' per ‘Choice’ or ‘Free Will’.

Some say it was a miracle that he didn’t lose his life in this historic event. But, perhaps God did have mercy on poor ol’ Gramps since he was on a sacred mission, actually trying to warn both Adam and Eve with a slice of advice. For he knew of God’s little secret. He knew that if man indulged in the ‘Apple of Good and Evil,’ then man must also partake of the ‘Tree of Eternal Life.’

Unfortunately, since he didn’t succeed in averting the misdeed, evil manifested, and Grampa grew aghast. To make amends, he spent the rest of his life trying to get both Adam’s and Eve’s attention. But, they were too proud and salacious to listen as evil persisted and escalated. Thus, on his deathbed, in front of his entire family, he made them all promise and take a solemn vow to erase evil and pass the word on to their offspring. Hence, Oouey believes that he was deemed by fate as a duty to fulfill his Greatest Grampa's death wish — to avenge the 'Logical Fall of Man.

 "What a fantastic journey from dream to inception, with persistence, faith and gosh darn guts!!!" LOL, ... Spenze; on

"Never Underestimate the Element of 'Surprise'! ... Olga

"Surprise! will challenge kids to step forward and make a difference. This soon-to-be spiritual classic should not be missed. " ... Outskirts Press, Inc.


SURPRISE, A Message of Hope

By Robert James Karpie


In a world full of turmoil, our children are being cheated, not to mention, mentally, physically and sexually abused? Confronted with WW III, nuclear annihilation and massacres in our schools, coping is but a struggle; on a daily basis. Is it any wonder then; a state of denial? Are our children not being desensitized by violence, numbed as a way of coping by accepting violence itself as routine? What's happening to our social and family values? What about good old fashion Fun --- Nature, fishing, horsing around and worms?

Did you ever see a worm after a heavy rain --- crawling, helplessly lost on a long wet sidewalk; knowing, just waiting --- anticipating, being baked --- alive by our hot sun? Did you ever stop and help at least --- one ; intervention? Try it, you might get a surprise. Maybe he’ll poop in your hand for Luck --- OOPS, brew-ha-ha --- Oouey Gooey!

This book carries a message of hope as it presents an opportunity with interactive substance, to make a difference; if you are willing to accept the challenge. It is both captivating and compelling as it demonstrates family and social values, little lessons in life. ‘Surprise’, will move and inspire both child and parent as it entertains the simple joys of life --- Fun, Nature --- fishing, horsing around and worms; which leads to the ultimate surprise as Oouey prepares to make the world a better place for all to live in! B4HEART --- Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together! Check it out


The DREAM...

The Legend...

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Olga Gooey 

The B4HEART Club...Oouey & Olga

The Painting That Led to the DREAM... 

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden



It’s Time to Unite, Time to ACT! Time to Confront the Oppressive Establishment. Time to Awaken the ‘Collective Unconscious’! Think, Curiosity is Empowering, It is but an Invitation to Truth! Spread the Word and Share this Message with the WORLD as we Harness Perpetual LOVE. Glory Be when COMPASSION is a Constant Routine…B4HEART is Our DUTY to Each-Other!


“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference…” — Serenity Prayer, Reinhold Niebuhr ( 1892 –  1971)

Take  Another Look Around! Far Too Many are Subjected to Economic Slavery? THINK… The Masses are Segregated, Regulated and Controlled Like a Herd of Cattle. Ironically, Our Civil Rights seem to be Disappearing One Right After Another— Slowly but Surely in the Name of National Security? Incidentally, mankind’s God given unalienable Human Rights are abused worldwide and have been throughout history as we know it? Again, WHY?

We Should Not Be Slaves to Bad Habits or Customs. The Powers that Be— Control Us with— Bad Habits and Mindless Traditions. Unfortunately, SHIT Happens and Will Continue to Happen as Long as We Allow it to Happen. Never Underestimate the Power of God’s Grace! It is Time to Incorporate— the ‘GRACE of GOD’.  Let’s Make it Happen. IDEAS Change the World… B4HEART – Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Sharing and Caring About Each Other as Well as the Art of Negotiating, Compromise and Bartering, are Precious! If Everybody Participated and Gave a Little Effort Towards Compassion; The World Would Be in a Beautiful Way. Trust and Respect are SACRED.

Inter-action can be Magical as Every-thing in Nature is Connected and Depends on Each-other.  Ever-body has Potential. Possibilities are Endless. Imagination Sustains Life! Vision, Enthusiasm, and Persistence Turns Dreams into Reality…

SHARE this DREAM and Turn this VISION into a REALITY! Tell All your Friends about this Website! Spread the Word All Over the Internet via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” —Proverbs 29:18

“With Vision the people shall flourish.”

‘The FORCE is With You!’ You are Endowed with Intuition! You are A FORCE! Together, We are The FORCE to be Reckoned With— Potential Energy, a Chain Reaction of Amazing Grace! It is time to Unite and Organize in the Name of Humanity! A United Intention. Visualize, BELIEVE, Proclaim, Affirm and Achieve! The Visionary Manifests Destiny! This site is Hosted by Oouey Gooey, a Simple Wormwith a Simple Plan:



 B4HEART– Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!


Love W1

“No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a child.”                     — Anonymous

Both Oouey and his wife Olga, Believe in Miracles— Amazing Grace. As Ambassadors of Hope and Goodwill; they Believe in our Children, as our Future Depends on Them. Furthermore, They are Inviting YOU— To Join this Endeavor Immediately!

Help us by getting Your Community Connected to

They Need YOU to Rise to this Occasion; Plow Through Adversity, Hurdles and/or Obstacles and Help Spread the Word via their B4HEART Badges with Honesty & Perseverance —to Raise Awareness and Make Our World A Better Place to Live In. Borrowing from  Peace Pilgrim’s Passionate Ideal;  they Hope “to overcome evil with Good, falsehood with Truth, and hatred with Love.”



Ultimately, Oouey and Olga are Determined as They are with US on this Mission— to Evoke B4HEART. However, Two Little Worms —Can’t Do It Alone! Unfortunately, Compassion without Action is Stressful, oh so Painful and Appalling? Won’t You HELP? Stand Up and Take Notice. Muster the COURAGE to Get INVOLVED, Speak Out and B4HEART.

We are all Blessed with Reason and Free Will as well as INTUITION— Our Inherent Source of Significant Sincerity! But, ironically, most of us are in a State of Denial as per one of  Albert Einstein’s Greatest Calculations: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  

Ugh. Imagine That! Ding Ding! This is a Wake-Up Call. A Reality Check! Never Underestimate Your Divine Gift of Intuition— Your Reliable Source of Significant Sincerity; the True ‘Holy Grail’.

Unfortunately, Life is Complicated by Logic per Choices as Consequences. Ironically, Emotions do, Coexists with Reason; an Unpredictable Conflict of Interests. Sometimes People are Overwhelmed by Circumstances Beyond One’s Control. They Become Shocked, Side-tracked, or even Paralyzed by Fear or Doubt and Lose Their Sense of Direction.

To add insult to injury, we have a habit of prejudging— people, places, things and ironically ourselves, in this process of living through our journey? Thus, we become self-absorbed in ignorance, as our mental, physical and emotional conditions, conflict with each other and we get stunk in Routine; oblivious to Truth and Reality. Why?

“Know Thyself.” — Ancient Greek Aphorism

Think! Self-Knowledge is All- Encompassing. Focus! Concentrate! Prejudice can be Very Harmful. Self-Reflection is Your—Personal Awareness. Self-Examination, an Introspective Consideration of One’s Own Thoughts and Emotions are Vital in the Search of Truth! Never Underestimate or Take Anything for Granted. Self-Pity is Self-Destructive.  Never Underestimate the Spirit of Humanity!

Never Underestimate Yourself! Potential is Magical. Possibilities are endless! Don’t Be Preoccupied with the Past. Do a Little Soul-Searching for some Spiritual Clarity! Imagine! Genius is Inspired by Curiosity. Exercise Your Sense of Wonder . Never Underestimate the Secret of Talking to Yourself

“I think therefore I am.” —Dascartes

Ask Yourself: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What’s It All About? What is My Purpose in Life; my Divine Plan, My Spiritual Destiny? Decisions! Temptations? Choices? What’s Happening?

Decisions, are but a Human Dilemma, as Complacency got us into this Mess. Don’t Let Excuses, Continue to Maintain it— Any-Longer! What If? Does It Really Matter? If So, Do Something About It!

“Life is not lost by dying! Life is lost Minute by minute, day by dragging day, In all the thousand, small, uncaring ways, The smooth appeasing compromises of time. “—STEPHEN VINCENT BENET, ‘A Child is Born

If we are, but Lost Souls; How Can We Guide and Teach Our Children? Self-Respect is Mandatory as are Self-Discipline and Self-Management. We Must Become Aware! Self-Awareness is the Key. Self-Control is the Challenge.

Personal Self-Consciousness is a Prerequisite En Route to Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem as Well as Self-Respect. You MUST Get To ‘Know Thyself’. It is but a Process of Enlightenment. 

Alas,  Far Too Many People are Confused as Doubt Enables Uncertainty. Self-Limiting Thoughts/Beliefs— DECEIVE Thy-SELF. Dysfunctionality can Manifests, if and when You are Deluded by such Thoughts/Beliefs, or Overwhelmed by Your Own Emotions. You Must Address All Issues, Situations, Predicaments, and Circumstances, with Options; Not Just EMOTIONs. Some People Become Paralyzed by Their Emotions; as Emotions Know How to Trump Reason.

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.” – Confucius

In Essence, We Are Consciousness. Unfortunately, Our Personal Ego Distorts Our Awareness, as We are Distracted by I, I, I. You Must Know Your Enemy Within. We are Separated from Our Ultimate Nature of Being; by Our Egoic  State of Mind-set. It is, But an Illusion. We are One With Nature. Everything is Connected…

” We have met the enemy and he is us.” —POGO  

Be Still and Concentrate; Cultivate You Awareness. We Have to Learn to Be-Aware of Our Thoughts and Emotions and Then, Self-Manage / Control— Our Options; Reactions / Behavior. Humans Must Learn to Let Go of Their EGO. We have to Stop Putting the I, I, I’s Before HUMANITY! We are but a Common Divinity of Empowerment! We Manifest Destiny…


“What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

INTUITION is Spontaneous. Your INTUITION and CONSCIENCE, Will Guide You. Eventually, You Will Learn to— Trust Your HEART! Take the Oath and Join Our B4HEARTer’s Club Now! Intentionality—Co-Create HUMANITY!

‘SURPRISE’! Watch for Oouey and Olga’s Free New Apps for All of Your Devices and the New Facebook and Instragram Pages!

Watch Oouey up above — on YouTube!

‘Truth is akin to Cool as both are Repulsive to the Un. But when Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is Justified!’ – Robert James Karpie

Rejoice — If there is a Will, there is a Way. BELIEVE! Dare To Follow Your Dream. Go For It. Make It Happen. INTUITION is the Key. Follow Your Intuition as ACTION speaks louder than words. Consequences— Cause and Effect. Find a Need and Fill It. Solve a problem. A Positive Attitude and a Pro-Active Routine, are Choices as Intent is Vital.

We are Responsible for Both our Actions and our In-Actions. However, In-Actions are Counter-Productive. Thus Accordingly, Human-beings are the Biggest Mystery of Life as we Make All the Mistakes. Someday Mankind Will Realize and Utilize The Miracle of LOVE— Naturally!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”         — Margaret Mead

Therefore Oouey & Olga are Challenging Kids to Step Forward and Make a Difference —Self-Discipline. This Soon-To-Be Spiritual Project —Must Not Be Denied. It is a PEACEFUL Movement… Do your Part and B4HEART as Each and Everyone of Us is but a Little Book— Unfolding in the Fullness of Time. All of Our Thoughts & Actions —Have a Story To Tell. 

Get Involved Now! We Define Our Own Destiny as Our Heart Knows Right from wrong.  Mankind as a Whole Defines the Destiny of Our World —Mother Earth! We are All co-Creators. We are Either Part of the Solution or Part of the problem. Denial is the Antichrist. Cooperation Is Working Together Peacefully.


Consequently, Human-Beings Create Both— GOOD and Evil? Experience is Our Greatest Teacher. Failure is but a Lesson in Life; Stepping Stones to Success via Many Failures.

We are Influenced through Observation via our Senses. Unfortunately, too many are obsessed with money as they are consumed by greed. Money dictates power and control? To Do? or, Not to Do? Choices are Vital to Our Cause! To B4HEART or Not To B4HEART? It’s Up To You as to Each— His Own Priorities… If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When? #B4HEART2016


 “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. ” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin from The Phenomenon of Man (1955)

Humanitarian Issues

Think! All of Us are Subjected to Interpretation as We are Manipulated by the System via its Institutions and deceived by Logic. Unfortunately, far too many of us are prisoners of doubt? Why? Doubt kills Dreams. Stress kills People. Breath, Relax! HOPE is our Lifeline. DREAM On! Day-Dreaming is Magical! Miracles Happen Everyday…

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”—Albert Einstein

In Essence, Evil is but, LIVE —Spelled backwards. It is merely Wrong Living or Committing Sin. Furthermore, dEVIL is Lived Spelled backwards. When We Live Wrongly by Committing Sins, We are in fact Little devils. Free Will is our Choice. Sin is Violating God’s Will. When We Do Good Deeds, We are Little Angelic gods! God is LOVE… The Golden Rule urges All People to Treat One Another with Dignity and Respect— “Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.” LOVE is GOD’s LAW! BELIEVE, Trust and Respect…

Never Underestimate the Power of the WORD, the GLORY or the GRACE of GOD. Be Grateful! Embrace God’s Grace with Open Arms. Enjoy. Breath His Breath of Life—Fresh Air. Behold, the Spontaneous, Mystical, Magical, Rhythm of Mother Nature. Savor the Awe and Wonder of Her Beauty. Beware of Her Unpredictable Power of Rage. She Transforms All Life at the Will of GOD. Amen…

Faith is Divine. It is Time to— Just Do the RIGHT Thing! God Bless those who muster the Courage and take the Initiative— to Deliver HOPE as they Sacrifice a little Time, Effort and Desire. BELIEVE and You will Achieve as Life is a Miracle; yet a Transition… We are ALL PROSPECTS!

“Life in man is the glory of God; the life of man is the vision of God.” Irenaeus of Lyons

THY Will, Will Be Done…

Thank You Jesus!

It is Time for a Change, a Cleansing so to Speak— a REBIRTH As A Evolution oF Consciousness…

Excel via a Willing HEART! 

Ascent from the Secular to Spiritual.

Seize the Moment and Embrace the Opportunity— NOW!

Your Noble Purpose is to Seek Truth as LOVE is Truth…

Reach Out and Touch Someone’s Heart…

Friendship is Precious. Care, Concern, Consideration, and Compassion are Vital to Our Cause; by Virtue of Charity, Availability and Humility.  Spread a Little Joy and Cheer as You Deliver some HOPE! Make Some New Friends.

HOPE is PRICELESS. A Little Acceptance, Compassion, and Encouragement Can Turn Hope— Into A REALITY. Destiny Awaits Our— United Intervention…

Together, We can Serve Humanity in the Name of LOVE. Sometimes, “We All Need Somebody To Lean On. ”Sometimes, “We Need A Little Help From Our Friends.

B4HEART is Your Duty To Make This DREAM A REALITY!

Never Under Estimate The Power of LOVE. LOVE is Divine Leverage. In Our Pursuit of Perfection and Happiness, LOVE is the Essence of HUMANITY…

Eventually, as We Endeavor on Faith; We Shall Manifest Peace on Earth and Good-Will to All; Joy to the World…

Welcome to The Age of Aquarius— A Conscious Awakening of Enlightenment as Human Solidarity, Altruism; Unity In Action… AMEN!


“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,
teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.
And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”

Gospel of Matthew 28:19-20

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Believe in Thee (SONG)

There is a book, with a guarantee
Glory be, Salvation is no --- mystery
So take a look, take heed, spend some time and read

You gotttaa takeee --- controlll
Trust with your heart and soul
There is no free ride
Always trust you conscience to be-- your guide
And believe in Thee
You gotta believe in Thee
And if you believe in Thee
Then destiny, you’ll achieve your destiny

So follow your dreams and pay your dues
Consider in love, the steps you choose
Cause some you’ll win but when you loose
Ride the waves through your blues
Ascension, Ascension, fear, regret and greed --- will fools
Ascension, Ascension, intuition is the key
Fly free --- on the Wings of Truth
So believe in Thee, Just believe in Thee
Then destiny, you’ll achieve your destiny

There is a book with a guarantee
Glory be, Salvation is no --- mystery
So take a look, take heed. spend some time and read

You gotttaa takeee --- controlll
Trust with your heart and soul
There is no free ride
Always trust your conscience, to be -- your guide
And believe in Thee
You gotta believe in Thee
And if you believe in Thee
Then destiny, you’ll achieve your destiny

TAG ---Ascension, Ascension, intuition is the key
Ascension, Ascension, fly free --- on the wings of truth
So believe in Thee, just believe in Thee
Then destiny, you’ll achieve your destiny

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We are Dedicated to Peace Pilgrim. Our Goal is to Spread her words of Wisdom: in the Name of World Peace: Take a look.