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Self-Deception, The Devil’s Best Friend

Monica Silva (@monicasilva) | Unsplash Photo Community

Denial is but an Excuse, as Selective Memory is a Bad Habit. The Circumstantial Evidence is Ignorance of Truth, as Despair; Takes Its Toll. Guilt and Shame Unite and Join in the Party, as the Devil Cheers them On, in the Name of Evil as Greed is Contagious. They say that; ‘the Road to Hell Is, Paved with Good Intentions.’ Perhaps Sometimes, One Step Beyond Intent, Is Too Far when Greed is Involved!

Perhaps, Resistance of Temptation Is a Measure of Character!

God Is The Personification of Love… God’s Love is the Prerequisite for Humanity. Humanity is God’s Work, in Progress.

It Is Our Mission To Bring Peace ON Earth!

Conscientious Objection is Vital…

Become One With God

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together! Make America Great Again!

MAGA, Vote Trump in 2024…

God Bless Ed Snowden — An American HERO!

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The Prince Of Peace

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