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My Buddy Norm, Professes, “to be Abnormal.”

We, All Laugh, With Him!

“Ha, Ha.”

Fair Warning?

But, He is Very Serious.

At least he is ‘Man Enough’, to Admit It.

What About You?

Are You Normal?

What Does Abnormal Really Mean?

“adjective. not normal, average, typical, or usual; deviating from a standard: abnormal powers of concentration; an abnormal amount of snow; abnormal behavior. extremely or excessively large: abnormal profit.”

I Personally, Believe that ‘Mankind’

Is a ‘Strange Breed’.

But God, Does Not, Make Mistakes!

“Everything Happens For A Reason?”

Sometimes, I Think that, God Has A Sick, Sense of Humor!

But Then Again, Life, Would Be Sort of Boring,

Without Drama, Confusion and Chaos?

Thus, Actions and Reactions Collide

Time and Time, Again

‘Mother Earth, Still Goes About Naturally

Around and Around…

Good and Evil, Exists - Still?

Saints and Sinners?

We Are?

‘Only Human’…

Perhaps That Is just God’s Way of

Wakening Up, Our ‘Sixth Sense’?

Perhaps People, Should Think

Before We Act!

‘Thou Shalt’!

And, ‘Thou Shalt Not’?

Life is a ‘Learning Curve’.

Experience is Our Teacher.

‘Shit Happens?’

Get Over It!

Grace Happens!

Embrace It and Pass it On…

Live and Learn?

Life is a Challenging Journey.

It is What You Make of Circumstances

Reactions, Intentions and Choices

That Determine, Your Destiny

It Can be Exciting and Disappointing.

But, Don’t You, Be A Disappointment.

Life is Full of Surprises

Ups and Downs

New Lives and Deaths

The Circle of Life

It Can Be Physically Demanding and Mentally Exhausting

People are People, Whom Ever, We Be?

We All Make Many Mistakes?

We Must Take the Time.

To Make the Time

To Understand Each Other?

“Talk is Cheap.”

Forgiveness, is God’s Gift, to Mankind!

It is an Honor and A Privilege, To Be Human

Thank You Almighty God!


Become One With, God

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together…

“God is great, beer is good
And people are crazy” (‘People Are Crazy’, Song by Billy Currington)

Billy Currington — People Are Crazy — YouTube

Everything is Interconnected!

Every Action Has A Reaction.


The Universal Laws?

Hope Does Spring Eternal, as God is Eternal and and Has the Power to Work Through All of Us, Including Nature.

Don’t Mess With Almighty God


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