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Bigot, Fool, Ignorance, Stupidity or Crazy.

Bigot, Fool, Ignorance, Stupidity or Crazy.

Insecurity Breeds Anger! We Think, and Therefor, We Are? But Who, Are We?

Courtesy and Compassion Are Not Foolish Antics. But Mockery Is A Salty, Inhumane Behavior? It Is Tasteless! It Is But, A Class-less Act, As Funny, Is Not, Not Funny, If and When, It Hypocritically Chastises, Someone’s Inherent Dignity; for a Laugh. The Shame is On, The Joker. The Dignity Of Humanity Is Priceless. Nobody Is Perfect. We Are All Deformed, One Way or Another. Handicaps Are Mysterious? Adversities Are Facts of Life! Blessedness, is The Over-coming of Our Adversities. Perhaps Crazy People Are Blessed Too? Because We Don’t Know, Right From Wrong? Define Not Crazy! Perhaps Sarcasm is in Fact, “merely thinly veiled meanness.” Guilty Or Not Guilty? I Plead The Fifth!

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