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The Truth Will Set US FREE…

The Truth Will Set US FREE…

Donald Trump

Wake Up! ‘We the Sheeple’, are Fools. Equality is in Denial. ‘Animal Farm’ Does EXIST. Tranny is Alive in our U.S. Government…

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“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” John Adams 1780

Through out history, oppression is but an evil endeavor— which society encounters eventually. Not so long ago, our forefathers revolted against England and defeated King George III’s arrogance. By the Grace of God, America won her Independence and our ‘Founders’, enacted— “a new government of laws, and not men”. To assert and maintain Liberty and Virtue. To discourage and abolish Tyranny and Vice; for as long as— ‘We The People’, were Willing to Protected it.


Unfortunately, ‘We The People’— Fell Asleep. Money Talks. Knowledge is Power. Our Institutions and Universities are Told what To Do and what Not To DoWhat to Teach and What Not To Teach.  Ironically, All men/women are vulnerable to the temptation to abuse power. Systematically, ‘Main Stream Media’ is Bought and Paid for as Journalism is Controlled and Censored by Ownership. 

“The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing.” John Adams


“But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as the Federal Government.” — Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837

Alas, the Lobbyists infected our system of government as it has digressed into a cesspool of ‘Filthy Animals’, ripe with abuse; bedeviled via Vice and Greed. Wake Up! ‘We the Sheeple’, are Fools. Equality is in Denial. Animal Farm’ Does indeed EXIST. Tranny is Alive in our U.S. Government.  “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” ‘We The People’, Don’t Need another Bush or Clinton DyNASTY… It is Time to Hold All the Elite— Accountable for their Actions! “There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too big to jail,” — Hillary Clinton


Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor.” Thomas Jefferson   


Who’s Ruining America? Career Politicians!

General George S

How can we end being sabotaged by career politicians in Washington, D.C.?

Term limits! We need Citizen Legislators, not Career Politicians.

Through surrogates,* the International Banking and Monetary Cartel secretly finances the political campaigns of career politicians for the presidency and seats in Congress.

*Surrogates: Jeffrey Katzenberg, Haim Saban, Sheldon Adelson, George Marcus, Ronald Perelman, Steven Silberstein, Benjamin Klein, Mark Epstein, Bernard Schwartz, Michael Bloomberg, Donald Sussman, George Soros.



Knowledge is Mandatory for Understanding. Pass It On! Unfortunately, You Can’t Argue With Ignorance. But, Lack of Communication is Dangerous, as Communication is Essential For All Relationships To Thrive.

All Humans Make Mistakes. Some Make More Mistakes Than Others. We Must Lean From All of Our Mistakes. Sometimes People Need Help. Some People Need More Help Than Others. To Forgive is a Choice. To Serve Humanity is also a Choice, Which Produces A Facilitated Sense of Peace. Blessed is he Whom Moves to the Rhythm of the Spirit of God…

PEACE is an Option. Together, World-Peace is a Possibility; a Shared Sense of Purpose. It is Not a Crime to be Poor. Poor People Should Not Be Ignored, Excluded, Deprived, Nor Punished; Just for Being Poor. Everybody Deserves a Quality of Life. Impoverishment is a Disgrace to the Human Race. A Little Charity, Compassion and Mercy; Acts of Kindness Save Lives. Social Justice is a Civic Responsibility; a Duty to Engage, Get Involved and Make Change. Everybody has a Purpose in Life. Find a NEED and FILL IT via INTENT.

By Nature, Some People have Good Intentions While Others have Evil Intentions. What is Your Intent? What is Your Purpose in Life? The Shit is Ready to Hit the Fan.  We Have Reached the Crossroads. “Are We Strong Enough To Care?”  “It ain’t HEAVEN”; But We are All Brothers and Sisters of Mother EARTH.

Cooperation is Vital to Peace. Beware of the Domino Effect. United We Stand, Divided; We Fall— into Culture Clashes, Culture Shock and Sadly but Surely— All-Out-WARs, Including; War between— the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have-Nots’; the Rich against the Poor. Alas,The 'Great Divide'?

Tragically, it is an Awful and Alarming Situation. But, Believe It or Not, to be Candid and as Dramatic as it Sounds; Unfortunately, it has Already Started. Never Underestimate the Vile Powers of Envy, Jealousy, Doubt and Denial. Beware of the Audacity of Greed. Beware of the Disenfranchised. Poverty is so Inhumane and Disheartening. If Inhumanity is Not Provocative; What Is?


“… knowledge without action is impotent, but action without knowledge is blind.” —Radical Imagination Manifesto

People Can Only Take and Tolerate so Much Misery in Life. Poverty Takes its Toll as Patience Turns into Stress, Anxiety and Then— Restless Panic, as Rage Lingers. Dejection, Because of All of the Rejections, Escalates— as Emotional Overload, which is a Toxic Fact of Life; Mental Anguish. It Produces— Angry, Scared and Confused Mindsets, Walking Time-Bombs. They are an Embodied, Dispirited Force; to Be Reckoned With — Eventually. Ultimately, a United Discontentment which is Infuriated and Morphs into Dissent; Can Become Very Dangerous.

Never Underestimate A United ‘State of Minds’. Never Underestimate the ‘State of Your Mind’.  Wake Up! Be Open-Minded. Open Your Heart. Destiny Awaits Our Command.

“There is a way to provide against the onslaught of poverty. It is the recognition of the power of the mind.” —A.G. Gaston

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“Overcome evil with Good, falsehood with Truth, and hatred with Love.” —Peace Pilgrim

History Speaks for it Self. Or, Does It? Do You Believe All the Lies You are Told? How About the History that Wasn’t Taught in Public Schools? History that is TABOO.

In Retrospect, Hindsight is 20/20. Yet, How Ironic, How Peculiar it is, as Perspective is Significant; Still. Attitude, Attention and Awareness are Indispensable. Wake-Up! Far Too Many People are Clueless? Dah! Dahmesticated? Oblivious. Is Your ‘Imagination Disabled’?

“All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.” — George Orwell; ‘Animal Farm’

Verify, Self-Preservation is, but an Obstacle that must be over-come; in the Search for Truth. Self-Preservation of Historical Reputations of the Elite; have Deceived Humanity Long Enough. It is Out of Control.

“America has entered one of its periods of historical madness, but this is the worst I can remember: worse than McCarthyism, worse than the Bay of Pigs and in the long term potentially more disastrous than the Vietnam war.” —–John Le Carre

Honesty is Dangerous in a Corrupt Society. Especially When It Undermines Certain Bottom-lines. Truth Can Be Embarrassing. Especially, when Deception is Exposed—-All the Strategic Covered-up Lies / Conspiracies and illegal / Evil Deeds of the Past; which are NOW Coming Back to— Haunt ‘We, The People’…

It is Time for Transparency. It is Time for Disclosure, Clarity, Honesty, Accuracy and Accountability; in Our System of Government. It is Time to Change Our Mindset; The Mentality of ‘We, the People’. Greed Should Not Be Glorified.

Both Critical and Ethical Thought are not Liabilities. Nor are They any Threat. They are Central to a Substantive Democracy; via EDUCATION.

“The United States has such an unequal distribution of wealth so that it’s in the league of corrupt underdeveloped countries, no longer in the league of the developed nations, according to the latest edition of the world’s most thorough study of wealth-distribution.” Eric Zuesse, Investigative Historian.  Read His Full Article, Click Here.   

America is Now Infested with Demented Street Gangs. Why? Survival, Survival in the Environment that was Created for Them. It is, What it is—A Degrading Way of Life. A Life-Style Out of Necessity, as They are Born and Welcomed into Poverty, Indignity, Danger, Despair, Deprivation, Disgust, Frustration and Desperation as Well as Criminal Ideals; Horrors of the Ghetto.

It is but, an Awful Travesty in this Land of Plenty and yet, a Real Fact of Life; a Traumatic Crisis, an Atrocity. You Either Enlist in the Gang, Peer-Pressure, or You are Victimized by Circumstance; Typical Routine. There is No Mercy.  Clicking Up, is a Crucial Choice; as ‘POWER CORRUPTS’. Ironically, It has Become an Honor to Join Their Particular Gang, a Sense of Belonging; Bonding, Status and Quick Cash.  

The Gang Leaders Have a Stranglehold on the Hood; as an Isolation of Terror Rein. They Wreak Havoc and Turmoil as Tension Mounts. Boundaries and Limitations have New Meanings. The Powers that Be, Know that the Local Children are the Future of that Particular Gang. It’s a Continual Cycle of Violence and Chaos; a Diabolical Tradition with All of Its Repercussions.

Thus, Loyalty and a Hush, Hush Code of Silence; are Vital to Their Cause, a Lust for Power, Money and Control of the Streets. Therefore Many of the Gangs are now Structured, Just Like Our U.S. Military; Strategy, Conditioning, Etc. They get Strapped; Carry Guns. They Have Protocol; a Chain of Command with Ranks, Rules and Regulations, a so Called Code of Conduct, and Enforcers; to Punish Those that Don’t Abide by Them. Snitching is A No-No, per Street Law.

Rats, get Exterminated; Retribution. Gang Life is a Life of Violence, Fear and Intimidation. It is but a Menace to Society. A Pack of Gang-members is Dangerous and Unpredictable as Rigor and Temptation are Overwhelming. Somebody always wants to Make a Name for Himself, by Proving that He has Heart / Balls.  Shit can Hit the Fan Quickly. Some Gangs, even Adhere to a Diabolical Initiation and Oath— ‘Blood In, Blood Out’. In Fact, Once Somebody is ‘Jumped-In’; Jail or the Morgue, are the Only Alternatives.

Unfortunately, Sex, Drugs, and Guns; Equals Cash Money— on the Street. Power and Control of Terrority, is the Name of the Game; via Violence and Murder as Bloody Turf Wars are a Common Occurrence. Illegal Behavior is a Lucrative Obsession; Instant Gratification.

Crime Is an Encouraged and Idolized Way of Life, in the Hood. Little Children are Taught to be Gangstas. They Learn How to Gang-Bang; Hustle, Put in Work for the Gang via Crimes. Ten Year-Old’s get Paid to be on the Look-Out for Po-Po.

Gang Leaders are Looked Upon as some sort of Bad-Ass-Hero? They Set Examples as Ghetto Role Models / Mentors? ‘Gangsta’-Rap Music Fires the Kids Up; Social Conditioning, which has Already Produced a Few Generations of Lost Souls. 

Alas, Ghetto Life is so Dehumanizing. In Fact, it is Sabotaging America’s Human Capital, by Destroying Young Lives, Our Future. Furthermore, America now has the Biggest Prison Population, in the Entire World. And Corporate America is Getting Richer, and Richer; as They Build More Privately Run Correction Facilities. They Get Paid for Housing Prisoners. They Also Make More Money From Their Cheap Labor. It is a Form of Oppression / Slavery— Forced Labor for Profit.

Unfortunately, Many Poor People are in Prison, because of Drummed up Charges, Others are There because They Can’t Afford to Pay a Decent Lawyer to Defend Them. Instead of Being ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’; They Are Guilty Because They Can’t Afford To Prove that They are Innocent? Corporate America Loves to Make Money off of the Poor.

In Fact Two judges, President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan, were Sentenced to Serve Lengthy Jail Time in Federal Prison in Pennsylvania for the Infamous ‘Kids For Cash Scandal. “They were Guilty of accepting judicial kickbacks among other charges. They were accused of accepting money from Robert Mericle, builder of two private, for-profit youth centers for the detention of juveniles, in return for contracting with the facilities and imposing harsh adjudications on juveniles brought before their courts to increase the number of residents in the centers.”

 “Mericle, who is president of the Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services, paid approximately $2.1 million in finders fee to Ciavarella for bringing the construction of the facilities his way. Federal authorities charged Mericle with helping the former judges disguise the source of his payments. Mericle pleaded guilty on Sept. 2, 2009 and was sentenced in April, 2014, to 1 Year In a Minimum Federal Prison Camp, Near his Home?”

How About That? Typical, as Class Does have its Privileges. But, Poor Robert Mericle will be on probation for a year, once he completes his prison sentence for Ruining Young Lives for Profit. And, “He also had to pay the financial penalties associated with the sentencing, which were a $100 special assessment and $250,000 fine.”  Quid quo pro?

Ironically, there is more to this Grotesque Story, as there were a Few More Players Involved. There was the late state Sen. Raphael Musto of Pittston Township, who was also charged with corruption. Robert Mericle told authorities that he provided gifts and money to Senator Musto in return for helping secure state funds for Mr. Mericle’s economic development projects. The 85-year-old longtime Democratic lawmaker suffered from health problems that delayed his trial. He died the day before Mericle’s sentencing.

Originally, Robert Mericle wasn’t the only person charged in this case. Robert J. Powell and Gregory Zappala, the owners of the two private, for-profit prisons, Pennsylvania Child Care and Western Pennsylvania Child Care, were also accused in the $2.6 million kickbacks to the pair of judges. Mr. Powell was sent to a Halfway House for his Prison Sentence for 18 Months.

He testified against the 2 Judges, after wearing a wiretap in the case; which Benefited His 2 Partly Owned Detention Centers? Dah! Gregory Zappala escaped prosecution in this case.  It isn’t known if this is because Zappala truly did nothing wrong or because of his connections.

Incidentally, Stephen Zappala Sr, a former Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is Gregory Zappala’s Father. His brother is District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. whose office, did prosecute cases that resulted in children being sent to his brother Gregory’s facilities. Stephen claims to have no ties to either facility. No Conflict of Interests?

Why are Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges Appointed to Office by the President of the U.S. for Life? In Fact, Federal judges appointed under Article III of the Constitution, are guaranteed what amounts to life tenure and un-reduced salary; so that they won’t be afraid to make an unpopular decision. ‘Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.’   

Yes, the Rich are Innocent until Proven Guilty. Yes, America has Double Standards. Yes, America Has a Class-War Going On, and It is Hell on Earth— in the Ghetto; as it Destroys Young Lives. Unfortunately, Certain Urban Affairs Fall on Deaf Ears?

Many Poor Neighborhoods, In Fact Many Cities for the Matter are Being Overwhelmed and Terrorized by All the Violence. The Citizens are Terrified, They are Afraid to go Out at Night. Wake Up America; this is a Humanitarian Issue that has to be Addressed Soon. It is Time to Nurture and Cultivate Our Children via Love. We Best Not, Train Them for Violence…

In the Meantime, Our Politicians Won’t even Address these Issues? They Do Nothing To Combat this Problem.Nobody Address Our Drug Problem in America Anymore Either? Unfortunately, It Is a Fact and it is Accepted as Being Routine; So What, Its No Big Deal? Are They Truly Oblivious? Baffled? Ignorantly Unconscious? Or Greedily Content in their Gated Communities?

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” —Proverbs 29:2

Ding Ding! No Jobs, Means No Work, No Money. Alas, Street-Gangs, Drugs and Unemployment; a Recipe for a National Disaster, Waiting to Explode. Wake Up America!

Check Out Robert D. Putman’s New Book Entitled: Our Kids; The American Dream in Crisis’

One of My Best Friends, John Culliton Mahoney, Wrote the Following Song that Captures the Plight of Today’s American Cities. Listen as He Sings— Singing ‘City of Broken Dreams’:

Audio Player

Is Your City or Neighborhood Infested with Street Gangs, Drugs and Unemployment? Do You Feel Safe Walking Outside, all Alone at Night? Are You Scared when You are out— During the Day? Can You Afford to Move, or Will You Have to Join a Gang; to Feel Safe? Has Your City Turned Into ‘A City of Broken Dreams’?

How  Can Our so Called Political Leaders Silently Stand By and Watch and Wait, as so Many Suffer? What are They Waiting For? What Are “We the People’, Waiting for?Chaos?

It is Disgusting and I am Disgusted by it, Because— I Care! I Care about the Future, the State of Affairs in the USA; for the Sake of my Grandchildren. I am Not Crazy or Paranoid. ‘We the People’, are Crazy for Accepting and Tolerating Our System of InJustice and Corruption. It is Time for a Change; Divine Providence; As Thy Will— Will Be Done…

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” —Mark Twain

America Needs New Leaders, Leaders who are Willing to Re-Unite the United States of America. Not Leaders whom, are Destroying it From Within, Any Longer. America Needs Another sort of ‘New Deal’ Program Implemented Today. We Need Leaders with Vision and the Will to Exercise Innovation Out of this mess…

Thanks to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ in 1933, the “Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC),  was established by Congress. It provided jobs for young, unemployed men and a few women during the Great Depression. Over its 9-year lifespan, the CCC employed about 3 million men nationwide. The CCC made valuable contributions to forest management, flood control, conservation projects, and the development of state and national parks, forests, and historic sites. In return, the men received the benefits of education and training, a small paycheck, and the dignity of honest work.”

2020is Our Chance to Make Our VOTES COUNT! #B4HEART2020! We Need a Third Political Party in America. A Party that Represents, ‘We the People; Not Corporations. We Cannot Afford Another dyNASTY of Either ‘Bush’ or ‘Clinton’. Just Look at the MESS that They Created. I Believe We Have the Intelligence and the People to Change the Dirty Diaper.  

I also Personally Believe Whole Heartedly— that All U. S. Citizens, Should do some sort of National / Military Service; when they Reach the Ripe-Old-Age of 18, or when they Finish College. Not for the Actual Purpose of WAR. Prepared for War — Yes.

Actually, It Would Get these Kids off of the Streets and Out of Gangs, Teach them a Trade and Rebuild our Infrastructure. I also Believe that All U.S. Households should be Required to Own a Rifle or Shotgun; Unless they are a Felon. ‘We the People Have to be Ready, Willing and Able to Defend America! It is Time to Implement a Strategic Discernment.

America’s Borders are being Flooded by illegal Aliens, trying to Sneak in Everyday. 70,000 Kids Will Show Up Alone at Our Border This Year. What Happens to Them? In Fact, Many of the Hard-Core Gang Members that we have in America today, are from Mexico and Central America. They Take Orders from Back Home, from Where they Left. And Now, Obama Wants to Give Them Amnesty? Illegal Aliens are not immigrants! He is Destroying America with his Socialist Agenda, From Within; Just Like Abe Lincoln Warned. And, He is Already Acting Like a Dictator, With All of His Executive Orders. Is America’s Fate the same as that of the Titanic?

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” —Abraham Lincoln

Do You Own a Gun? If Not, Perhaps You Should Buy One; While it is Still Legal. The Situation is More Complicated than You can Imagine as Gangs are Growing, Organizing, and Migrating All Over America; In Search of the Almighty Dollar.    

Unfortunately, Life Isn’t Always Fair. In Fact, It is Complicated and, It Becomes More Complicated; Because of Ignorance. Haphazardly, it is Certainly a Stressful World— Fraught with Uncertainty, Presumptions, Evil Greedy Intentions, Geo-Politics, Conflict of Interests, Malicious Intentions, Ulterior Motives, Surveillance, Selective Memories and Unintended Consequences. Go Figure? Thus, Cautiously by Virtue of Suspicion, We Must Weigh All of Our Options and Be on Guard, as Earth is Possessed; Plagued by Inter-Acting, Unconscious EGOs. I, I, I’s?

Ironically,‘ Truth is akin to Cool as Both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is Ignored; Stupidity is Justified!

Traumatically, We Have Achieved Status of Blatant Stupidity. Conditioned, ill-Informed Earthlings, Whom Cherish— Me, Myself and Mine, as We are Consumed by an I, I, I, State of Mind. Why Can’t Mankind, Just Get Along?

Why Don’t We Help Each Other, by Simple Acts of  Sharing and Caring? Kindness is Precious. For all Intensive Purposes, We Have Made Great Advances in Technology But, Some How; We Managed to Degenerate as a So Called Intelligent/Civilized Species. It is so Irrational, so Illogical? It is but an Insult to Humanity…

Just Look Around— Conflicting Egomaniacs, Everywhere; Pathologically Competing, Manipulating, Fighting for Survival, Space, Status and Stuff, Me and Mine, Not to Mention; Notoriety—Fame and Fortune. Why? Self-Interest? Selfish Interest? Is Mankind Mad? Alas, Jesus Proclaimed: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

How Does One Define Sanity? Ultimately, It Is But; a Matter of Perspective and Comprehension. Stop, Look, Listen; Cognition. Willful Resistance of Temptation is Your Option. Consideration, Compassion, and Simple Acts of Kindness are Your Obligations. Blessed are They, Whom “See Through the ‘EYEs of LOVE’”; for They Have Transcended Above Their ego… 

Literally, CHOICES / CAUSE and EFFECTS; Define Destiny. Mankind, as a Whole, Co-Conceived and Continues to Tolerate, Accept, Pretend or Ignore this Ridiculous Conditioned Mess, that We Live In? But Subconsciously, Mankind Does Know Right From Wrong. Possibilities— Galore, We Do Have the Power to Create Change; Alter Ignorance — Make a Difference.

Truth Be Told, It Is Easier Said Than Done; But Destiny Awaits Our Command. “A thought becomes a word and then a deed. Therefore, Be very careful of your thoughts.”  Think Before You Act. Never Underestimate the Power of Your Intent. Facts are Important. Commit To— Making a Difference. 

Invariably, the CHOICE to Do So, is Waiting for YOU. In Fact, It is Our Duty; A Noble Purpose! We were Not Born, to be Blinded by Our Own Un-Conscious Ego, or Greed, for that Matter. We Think; Therefore, We Are! We were Born to Be Aware, to Be Conscious, Present and Make Our Presence— Ready, Willing and Able; for the Betterment and Benefit of All. Tune INTUIT— B4HEART.

We are Born to Question Authority; in the Name of TRUTH and, We Should be Willing to Die for LIBERTY. You Have to Stand for Something, or You Die, for Nothing. We are Here to Learn How to Get a Long with Each Other; in The Name of Peace and Harmony…

Grievously, Death Articulates Life via Grief but; Slavery, is the Death of Freedom Itself. And Then— How Dare We Question Authority? Alas, is Grief Truly Personal? Can Mourning be Contagious? Or, Will You Only Mourn If and When— You Become a Slave.

Don’t Ignore Your ‘Moral Urge to Act’. ‘Hope Springs Eternal’; as Destiny Awaits Your Command. Miraculously, by Virtue of Grace, Hope Emerges for: “As Long As There is Life, There is Hope. As Long as There is Hope, There is Life.”

Significantly, the Law of ‘Supply and Demand’; also—Applies to—  Liberty! We the People— Control Destiny; Leverage— The Power to Communicate is Influential. There is Strength in Numbers. Never Underestimate the ‘Power of the Pen’. Never Underestimate the ‘Word of Mouth’. INTENT is the Power that Manifest Destiny.  

We Can Either Remain Silent via Willful Ignorance and Do Nothing, as We become Slaves; or We Can Unite, Speak Out and Spread Awareness via B4HEART— in the Name of Liberty. Due Diligence! Intuition! Creative Thinking; Innovation! Survival Instinct! ProAction! Common Cause!Jurisprudence; Common Good! LOVE…

Incontrovertibly, the Ultimate Betrayal to HUMANITY; Is To Pacify Stupidity. Beware of Dogma. Be Aware of Taboo. We Are What We Think! Attitude, Attention and Awareness are but; A Matter of Perspective. Perception is Everything. Believe It or Not. To Do, or; Not To Do? To Ignore and  / Or Deny; Leads to InAction. Action Manifest Results via Intent; Rewards. Humanity Awaits Your Devotion. Do Your Part – B4HEART. Together, We Can Make This HAPPEN… b4heart_framed_tile 

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”— Albert Einstein

B4HEART is an Appeal to HUMANITY, to Become Compellingly Appealing; as we are the Ultimate— Human Resource. Together— WE Must Commit, Focus, Collaborate, and Address— Oppression, Corruption and Social Injustices; such as racism, bullying, poverty, drugs, gangs, disabilities, domestic violence, police brutality, education, disease and indifference. United, we can ease the pain and / or rectify the different situations; significant issues and /  or concerns— including peer pressure, sexual abuse, sexting, AIDS / HIV / STDsanorexiabulimia, obesity,homosexuality, addictions, prostitution, violence, Human trafficking, alzheimer’sautism, dyslexia, and suicide.

Do You Care Enough to Get Involved? Or, Are You Reluctant Enough to Shy Away from Issues that Plague our World; Viable Solutions, Charity, Current Events, State of Affairs. WHY? Excuses? Misconceptions, Indecision, Doubt, Fear or Unbelief? Ridicule? Denial? Inconvenience? Ignorance, or— Sheer Laziness?

Alack, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” Think; Curiosity, Reason, Free-Will and Intuition are Divine Gifts. They are Amazingly Magical as Faith, Hope, Charity and LOVE. We Must Utilize These incredible BLESSINGS, AS a Foundation; the: ‘Consuming Passion of the SPIRIT!’  We Can Do It, and Do It, We Must; AS We Raise Awareness. A Tour de Force— to be Reckoned with Beyond— Any Shadow of Doubt…

Substantially, We Must Face Our Problems; Before Trouble Escalates. It is Time to Confront All of Our National Disgraces; Including Power and Control of the Accepted Culture of Corruption. It is Time to Activate and Implement — Your Willing HEART, as We Comprehend Compassion and Kindness, en route to Humanity.

But First, We Must Audit the Facts and Figures that Have Been Manipulated by the Secular pOWERS that bE. TRUTH Knows No Boundaries, as it is Patient and Eternal. We Have Complied with All of the Lies and, Denied TRUTH; Long Enough…  

“To hold a pen is to be at war.” – Voltaire


“Reason is man’s faculty for grasping the world by thought, in contradiction to intelligence, which is man’s ability to manipulate the world with the help of thought. Reason is man’s instrument for arriving at the truth, intelligence is man’s instrument for manipulating the world more successfully; the former is essentially human, the latter belongs to the animal part of man.” – Erich Fromm 

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Therefore, is Literally My Duty and Commitment to Humanity— My Divine Calling; Consigned in Love. I Am but, a Proud Radical Rebel, Determined to— Do Good-Will-Hunting. However, I Need Your Help; as I am Enlisting an Army of B4HEARTers— to Observe, Inquire, and Contemplate so that We Can Make a Difference; to Transcend Mutual-Confidence. Our Ultimate Goal is to Champion Liberty and Justice for ALL…

Never Underestimate the Element of ‘SURPRISE’!

“The Kingdom of God Is Within You.” — Luke 17:21

Essentially, B4HEART is a Vital Cause, a Process of Grassroots Effort—Reaching Out, Hitchhiking via the Internet— Transcending a Global Social Movement. Predicated by the Virtue of Love and Empowered, as a Leap of Faith; It is Time to Unite! Alas, Significant Preparation is the Key to Any Desired Destiny. Careful Consideration,Integrity, Ethics, Morals and Intellectual Standards; are the Principles, Our Compass— a Liberating Instrument for this Compassionate Transforming Change.

It’s Time to Confront ‘The Powers That Be’.

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