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Surprise, A Message of Hope is on Audible.

Surprise is now on sale at Audible, and it will be available on iTunes and Amazon within the next few days.

Check It Out!

You can also hear a 15 minute sample of Surprise on the link below, Narrated by Graham Mack.
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Gram Mack is also Narrating and Producing my Novel Social Security as an audio book. It is now 12 Hours long and he loves it. I will have the edits done, in a few weeks and we are adding another 2 hours to the book.

Graham Mack been a professional broadcaster for more than 25 years and won many international broadcasting awards including New York Festivals Radio Awards. He won the “Merit Award” at the Wehear Audiobook Awards 2022! He is also a member of The Audio Publishers Association. And, he also worked for the BBC and is known as The 'voice of truth', for the English Language. 

You can learn all about Surprise and Social Security on My 2 Shopify stores below.
They both have their own video on YouTube.
My Shopify store is to
 My other store is Apis Clothing Co - 10% of profits to the bees! My Save the Bees Store.
All of these projects are My Live Long Dream and they all tie in together.
B4HEART --- Humanity Rnvisioned, And Realized Together!
I envision Oouey Gooey as An Animated, and perhaps Synicated, on some Podcast, Movie or Youtube.
I wish to Promote Family and Christian Values /  Morals, in the Name of Humanity like the good old ' Davey and Goliath TV Cartoons by Art and Ruth Clokey did in the not so long ago Past! They also Create GUMBY...
Thanks and Wishing and Hoping; that you can make my Dream Come True.
Robert Karpie
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