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Suicide — Ignorance Is the Art of Stupidity!

Suicide — Ignorance Is the Art of Stupidity!

Chaos Is A Frightening Fact of Life?

Ignorance Is Evil.

Trust, Respect, Forgiveness, Loyalty, And Courage are Obligations.

They Are Gifts From God…

We Are Obligated To God, Self and Each-Other in the Name of Humanity

Courage Maintains Hope, to Survive and, Thrive Past Evil

Am I Worthy To Live?

Life is a Test of Faith, in the Fullness of Time.

Blessed is He Whom, Seeks Truth.

The Truth, Set Us, FREE?


You Were Born With The Will To Live

The Will To Sacrifice Wisely, Is Precious…

Never Give UP!

Dream On!


Death Is Our Prerogative!



JESUS Already Died, On The Cross; For Us!

Let Go of Ego and Trust God

Egos Become Manipulated and Overpowered by Greed?

Greed Is Evil!

Become One With God.

Manifest Good Deeds As Miracles Through The Love of God!

Faith Is A Miracle.

It Renders The Unintelligible, Comprehensible.

Jesus is Our Hope and Savior…

Jesus Loves You

JESUS Died, For Us; On The Cross!

God Is Invincible Love

Trust and Respect God’s Law of Love.

Trust In Jesus Christ, The Son of God.

We Are All, Spiritual Souls, Searching In this Material World.

The Truth Will Set You Free!

Love is The Answer.

God Is Hope

God Is LOVE IN Action

Be One With God, Via Love!

Be A Faithful Servant of God!

We Must Manifest His Legacy of Love!

B4HEART — Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

Everything Just Flows in The Glory of God Naturally. Be Grateful, Trust God, as the Universe, Trusts His Nature. God is the Alpha and the Omega! Glory Be, When We Humans, Trust in God’s Nature. God Is Not Complicated. Simply Put, God is LOVE!


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